ST Engineering’s Showcases Naval Solutions at IMDEX Asia 2013

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first_img View post tag: IMDEX May 13, 2013 View post tag: solutions View post tag: Defence Back to overview,Home naval-today ST Engineering’s Showcases Naval Solutions at IMDEX Asia 2013 View post tag: Navy View post tag: Naval View post tag: 2013 View post tag: News by topic View post tag: Engineering’scenter_img Share this article View post tag: St. View post tag: asia Training & Education View post tag: Showcases ST Engineering’s Showcases Naval Solutions at IMDEX Asia 2013 View post tag: Defense ST Engineering today unveiled a suite of total naval solutions offered by its Electronics and Marine arms at IMDEX Asia 2013, designed to provide users with comprehensive maritime awareness, command and control, and advanced communications systems.From 14 to 16 May 2013, at the ST Engineering Booth (N01) in the Changi Exhibition Centre, ST Electronics and ST Marine will showcase their capabilities covering Maritime Safety, Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief, Maritime Communications Systems and Electrooptic solutions.One of the highlights this year is the Damage Control Trainer, a multi-storeyed, shore-based trainer that has been constructed to resemble a ship. It is the largest motion damage control trainer to be delivered in Asia that caters to all levels of damage control and firefighting training – from individuals, group to integrated team with headquarters command. This Damage Control Trainer has been delivered to the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN).Maritime SafetyIndigenously designed and built by a team of naval architects and engineers at ST Marine, the Fearless series of Patrol Vessels (PV) is capable of operating in both naval and civilian environments. The PVs are adaptable to various configurations of payload and capability and is suited for coastal patrol and constabulary duties.The Venus family of Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs), which includes the 16-metre Venus– 16, and the 9-metre Venus–9, is the Group’s answer to a growing interest in re-configurable USVs for highly customisable yet modular platforms for multi-missions.AgilTrack is an in-house developed radar tracking system with a unique capability that allows tracking of small targets in a cluttered area. Conventional systems have difficulty operating in this mode because of the high false alarms generated. The system’s powerful software engine is also able to detect and track the smallest and often challenging targets, including swimmers and small rigid inflatable boats. Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster ReliefThe Endurance series of Landing Platform Docks is a well proven multi-purpose, multi-role ship purposefully designed for naval and civilian operations. Over the last decade, it has been deployed effectively to support humanitarian and disaster relief efforts, peacekeeping missions and counter-piracy operations. Other models of vessels on display include the Brave series of Fast Landing Craft, the Hoverbarge and the Submarine Support and Rescue Vessel – the first of its class developed to meet the submarine rescue requirements of the RSN. Maritime Communications SystemsReliable communication and the ability to integrate a variety of communication systems are critical components for effective command and control. The scalable STellar DLink is a modular and versatile digital data link system series, suited for various secure video dissemination applications, such as homeland security, law enforcement, maritime surveillance, defence and public safety.The SuperneT™ Shipboard Integrated Communication System is a state-of-the-art IP-based communication solution, designed and built for the mission critical needs of today’s navies. The system integrates a variety of communication systems to offer feature-rich voice and data services that are easily accessible by users from fixed and wireless user terminals.The Comprehensive Maritime Awareness Solution is a smart maritime analytical system that goes beyond C2 and analyses the huge data gathered by various coastal and satellite sensors, databases and selected open source information. With the system, large amounts of data can be pieced together to generate insights for decisive action for maritime law enforcement.[mappress]Press Release, May 13, 2013.last_img read more

Singapore Navy Vessels Join SAR Ops

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first_img View post tag: Navy View post tag: News by topic Singapore Navy Vessels Join SAR Ops View post tag: Singapore Navy May 21, 2015 View post tag: asia Authorities View post tag: Navalcenter_img View post tag: Ops View post tag: SAR Back to overview,Home naval-today Singapore Navy Vessels Join SAR Ops Two Singapore Navy vessels yesterday took part in search and rescue (SAR) operations north-east of Pedra Branca in Singapore waters.RSS Daring and RSS Fearless, along with the Singapore Police Coast Guard, two Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) vessels and several Malaysian vessels, responded to a capsized Bolivian-registered sand-carrier, Oceanline SC208.MPA reported that that the vessel’s agent confirmed there were 15 crew members onboard at the time of the incident.The incident is under investigation.[mappress mapid=”16041″]Image: Singapore Navy View post tag: vessels Share this articlelast_img read more

Turkish Navy tender blocks traffic in Bosphorus Strait

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first_img September 5, 2016 Authorities View post tag: bosphorus The Bosphorus Strait in Turkey which connects the Mediterranean with the Black Sea has been closed to traffic after a Turkish Navy ship experienced a breakdown today.According to information provided by the Wilhelmsen Ship Agency, Turkish Navy tender TCG Cezayirli Gazi Hasan Pasa broke down while transiting the Bosphorus Strait causing a closure of the shipping lane to traffic both ways until further notice.TCG Cezayirli Gazi Hasan Pasa is one four ships that served in the German Navy as Rhein class tenders and were later transferred to the Turkish Navy.Update: According to WSA, traffic in the strait is to resume at 16:00 local time. Back to overview,Home naval-today Bosphorus Strait closed to traffic following Turkish Navy tender breakdown center_img Share this article View post tag: Turkish Navy Bosphorus Strait closed to traffic following Turkish Navy tender breakdownlast_img read more

Joan Osborne and Shawn Colvin Keep All Bases Covered at the Music Pier

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first_imgTwenty years ago, Joan Osborne and Shawn Colvin were main-stage acts on North America’s first female-only music festival, founded by Sarah McLachlan. The resulting “Lilith Fair” was successful enough in Summer ’97 to warrant an encore in Summer ‘98, again featuring Osborne and Colvin. With their recent show at the Music Pier still fresh, it’s too early to guess if they’ll be back in Ocean City next summer. But if so, much of this week’s crowd would welcome their return.Joan Osborne is best remembered for her Grammy-winning, 1996 Top 5 Billboard pop hit, “One of Us”. What may be less known is that she’s one of the better song interpreters currently working. This reviewer had some idea, having witnessed her perform “Little Red Corvette” with Philadelphia’s The Roots at Brooklyn Academy of Music in December 1999, plus watched her reverent take on “What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted” with The Funk Brothers, in 2002’s acclaimed Standing in the Shadows of Motown film documentary.What this OCNJ Daily critic and Bob Dylan fanatic didn’t realize, was that Osborne has a new album of Dylan covers coming out in September.  So, to call Osborne’s set, comprised entirely of Dylan songs aside from her trademark hit, a pleasant surprise might be underselling it a bit. Equally unprepared, were Andrea & Herb Brunhoffer, a Philadelphia couple visiting Ocean City, seated nearby in row two. Andrea has been visiting Ocean City for 49 years. She was at the Music Pier last summer for Colin Hay, another one of her favorites, but calls Bob Dylan “my number one, easily”. When Osborne introduced the night’s program, before launching into “High Water”, from 2001’s Love & Theft, delighted smiles over our luck were exchanged.Osborne has shown another side of Dylan before, covering “The Man in the Long Black Coat” on her 1995 debut. If this performance was any indicator, this recent self-described “deep dive”, will unearth more treasures. Osborne’s set was an eclectic, hand-picked mix from Dylan’s extensive catalog. It featured deep cuts (“Spanish Harlem Incident”), protest anthems (“Masters of War”) and big hits (“Rainy Day Women”). “Women”, the highest charting number of Dylan’s career, was rendered nearly unrecognizable. Between session ace Jack Petruzelli’s electric guitar riffing and Osborne’s blues wail, “everybody must get stoned” gained sexier undertones. This rendition gaining steady play on Philly’s WXPN 88.5, who hosted the evening, would not be surprising.Joan excelled with some inspired assistance, both in the form of Dylan’s songbook and her company onstage. Petruzelli, a New Jersey native and member of “The Fab Faux”, provided bittersweet acoustic six-string underpinning to make “Buckets of Rain” shine. He also moved to piano late in the show, so Osborne could “Ring Them Bells” for everyone scuffling through “this very intense time”.On the encore, Osborne brought out Shawn Colvin, for the first time on this tour. “When’s the last time we’ve sang together?” Osborne asked her, once Colvin belatedly made her way out onstage and the sound synced. “I have no idea”, mumbled Colvin, “the nineties?!?”. Osborne, having plenty of recent practice, clearly had full command of the lyrics to the Dylan classic “Tangled up in Blue”. In addition to singing her verses, Osborne helpfully cued up Colvin’s on her iPad. It was a sweet bit of impromptu teamwork, giving their sets a baton-passing feel.The headliner, Shawn Colvin, is more commonly known for her songwriting. She’s respected enough by peers, like Steve Earle and Richard Thompson, to instruct at Earle’s Camp Copperhead songwriting retreat. Colvin, a South Dakotan armed with a charmingly self-deprecating, salty sense of humor, claims she doesn’t have much insight on the writing process. “I don’t know what to tell these campers”, then stated “thievery, sleep and deadlines” were the three keys over her thirty-year career.Following a headliner in her own right, who just performed a set of songs penned by the 2016 Nobel Prize Winner for Literature, is a tall order. Undaunted, Shawn Colvin was able to rise to that challenge. She did so by piggybacking on the momentum Osborne’s set built, while highlighting their differences as well.Colvin, who performed solo, utilizes “alternate” guitar tuning, a la Joni Mitchell. This occasionally led to her having to re-tune between songs on Monday night. Luckily, if Colvin ever craps out as a concert draw, or a guitar tech, she’s got a possible future as a comedian. While playing with nobs and testing strings, her riffs on touring life, aging and ill-advised romance, struck a chord. When they weren’t clapping or listening intently, Colvin had the crowd laughing with her.This isn’t to say Colvin didn’t also mine the songwriting Hall of Fame archives. Her encore included takes on “Ol’ 55” by Tom Waits and Talking Heads’ “Naïve Melody (This Must Be The Place)”. She was bold enough to break out Bruce Springsteen’s “Tougher Than the Rest” mid-show. “I know, it’s pretty nervy to try to do a Boss song, while playing in Jersey”. The crowd, appreciating the acknowledgement, let her know she pulled it off.Colvin primarily stuck with her own creations, selections from her “long catalog of breakup songs”. One of those was 1997 Song of the Year Grammy Award Winner, “Sunny Came Home”. “Sunny’ has been described by Steve Earle as “the ultimate break-up song”. Colvin once asked Earle, no stranger to breakups himself, why he thought so. His reply was simple: “because it’s a murder ballad”. Fair enough. An appropriate bit of Gallows’ humor there. 20 years after Lilith Fair, it’s nice to have Joan Osborne and Shawn Colvin still out there, walking on the wire.Joan Osborne Set (All songs by Bob Dylan except where noted by asterisk):High Water (for Charley Patton)Spanish Harlem IncidentDon’t Think Twice, It’s AlrightRainy Day WomenLeopard-Skin Pillbox HatBuckets of RainMasters of WarHighway 61 RevisitedOne of Us*Ring Them Bells (with Jack Petruzelli on piano)Tangled Up in Blue (with Shawn Colvin)Shawn Colvin Set:American TuneTroublePolaroidsShotgun Down the AvalancheWichita SkylineTougher Than the Rest (Bruce Springsteen cover)These Four WallsSonny Came HomeRicochet in TimeRound of BluesEncore: Ol’ 55 (Tom Waits cover, on piano) If I Were Brave (on piano) Diamond in the Rough Naïve Melody (This Must Be The Place) (Talking Heads cover)last_img read more

A sense of place

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first_imgYou have to be strong to be a baker,” says Caroline Parkins – strong-willed, that is, and not just physically fit, if you’re to fight the tide of mediocrity that she believes has dumbed down our bread.Mediocre is not a criticism that can be levelled at her artisan bakery in Bridport, Dorset, where the product list changes in response to seasonal bounties of fruit and veg, mostly grown for her by small suppliers. “If I feel stale, which you inevitably do, I’ll take myself off with half a dozen cookery books,” says Parkins.A good sprinkling of Elizabeth David, Eliza Acton and obscure, often nameless, regional authors, usually relieves the “baker’s block” and helps to leaven an imagination that has already brought the seaside town Jurassic Foot Loaf, Dorset Cider and Cheese Cottage Loaf, and Cheese and Chilli Beer Bread. “We’re constantly updating product lines. Part of that comes automatically if you’re using seasonal and local produce.”A trained cook and accidental baker, Parkins fell in love with the Leakers’ family bakery, its doubled-decked brick-floored ovens and “practically antique” mixer, which achieve what she wants – “to make good bread in a decent way… slowly”.In fact, after five years on the baker’s watch, she’s not in a hurry to do anything other than build on a reputation for using traditional techniques to meet modern expectations for exceptional tastes, such as her takeaway Delhi Delight vegetable curry in a naan bread bowl. “I believe in local, small and slow,” she says. “I’d rather do one thing properly than run six shops.”This rather goes against the grain in the manic world of corporate bakery, where fortunes rise and fall faster than a three-minute fermentation. “Plant bakers always seem to be in crisis,” observes Parkins coolly. “Small, artisan bakers are successful because people appreciate the difference in our bread.”A ban on hydrogenated fats, as well as extra yeast to make up for foreshortened proving times, are all part of the Leakers Bakery culture. Organic plays a big role, although Leakers is not accredited because of the prohibitive cost and administration involved, says Parkins. “I think it’s important for the big people to register, but our consumers already believe in our food.”And that’s largely to do with building a strong sense not only of place, but also of continuity – even going so far as to tempt the granddaughter of the bakery’s founder out of retirement just to make her famously rustic Dorset Apple Cake, which is popular enough to keep one person employed two days a week. “There are outcrops of strong support for local food in areas where people are still close to the food source,” says Parkins. “I suppose it is difficult in some areas for bakers to find a local supplier, but it’s always possible.” nlast_img read more

Pink Talking Fish & The Heavy Pets Storm Into Florida For Three Nights [Video/Audio]

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first_imgPink Talking Fish, along with fellow jammers The Heavy Pets completed their run through Florida this past weekend, after making stops at Plaza Live in Orlando on Thursday, Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale on Friday night, and the State Theater in St. Petesburg on Saturday night. Weaving classic Pink Floyd, Talking Heads and Phish, PTF secured their spot as one of the more entertaining cover bands currently on tour – playing no repeats on their entire three-night run.The band had a lineup change for the weekend, as Keith Llama from Seven Below joined in on drums while Zack Burwick was celebrating his birthday. The remaining PTF members, including Eric Gould (bass), Richard James (keys), Dave Brunyak (guitar), rocked the show in style. Check out PTF’s setlists from each night, as well as full audio from night one and full video/audio from both bands on night two.Setlist: Pink Talking Fish at Plaza Live, Orlando, FL – 5/19/16Set: Moma Dance > Breathe > Slippery People > Sand > Slippery People. Have A Cigar > Cities, You Enjoy Myself > Fearless* > You Enjoy Myself > Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict > Take Me To The River > Mike’s Song > Another Brick In The Wall > Life During Wartime > Another Brick In The Wall > Weekapaug Groove > EclipseE: This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody), Rock And Roll***w/ Prince Caspian tease**w/ Jeff Lloyd, Jim Wuest, Jamie Newitt & Tony D’Amato of The Heavy Pets.Thanks to Volkemon for audio of this show.Setlist: Pink Talking Fish at Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale, FL – 5/20/16Set: Punch You in The Eye > Psycho Killer > Money > Free > Young Lust > Free > Burning Down The House, Divided Sky > One Of These Days > Kung > One Of These Days > Divided Sky, Pull Up The Roots > Dogs > 2001 > Moon Rocks > 2001 > Dogs > Once In A Lifetime, David BowieE: Crosseyed and Painless > Your Pet Cat > Crosseyed And Painless**w/ Jeff Lloyd, Jim Wuest, Jamie Newitt, Tony D’Amato of The Heavy Pets & Alex Chafin.Thanks to CHeeSeHeaDPRoDuCTioNS for full set video and audio from this show.Full Set – Pink Talking Fish“Kavorka” – The Heavy PetsFull Set Audios Setlist: Pink Talking Fish at The State Theatre, St. Petersburg, FL – 5/21/16Set: In The Flesh > Down With Disease > Nothing But Flowers > Down With Disease, Time > Carini > Swamp > Pigs (3 Different Ones) > Halley’s Comet > Girlfriend Is Better, Any Colour You Like > Tweezer > Making Flippy Floppy* > Big Black Furry Creature From Mars > Comfortably Numb > BBFCFM, What A Day That Was, The Squirming Coil > Benny And The Jets** > The Squirming CoilE: Run Like Hell*** > Tweezer Reprise*** > Run Like Hell****w/ Rift tease**solo piano***w/ Mike Garulli, Jim Wuest, Jamie Newitt & Tony D’Amato of the Heavy Pets.last_img read more

Obama addresses students

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first_imgPresident Barack Obama urged young people to stay involved in the political process Monday during a conference call with student journalists. “You’ve got to take the time to find out where does your congressional candidate stand on various issues, where does your Senate candidate stand on various issues and make an educated decision and participate in this process — because democracy is never a one-and-done proposition,” Obama said. “It’s something that requires sustained engagement and sustained involvement. And I just want to remind everybody of that.” The Observer was one of many student publications to participate in the conference call, which Obama called in order to discuss issues facing students and other young Americans. Obama began by outlining his administration’s plans to improve higher education. He listed three goals, which are to make college more affordable, to ensure higher education prepares students to enter the workforce and to encourage students to finish college. “The key here is that we want to open the doors of our colleges and universities to more people so they can learn, they can graduate and they can succeed in life,” Obama said. Obama’s message was one of optimism, and he expressed confidence that students would be able to find jobs upon graduation. “Things are real tough for young people right now,” he said. “But having said that, if you are getting a college degree, if you’ve got skills in math and science or good, sound communication skills, there are still jobs out there even in a tough environment.” And while improving the economy should help stop the inflation of college costs, a certain amount of the burden lies on universities themselves, Obama said. “You guys have to be good consumers, and your parents have to be good consumers, and we’ve got to offer you more information,” he said. “You should know where your tuition is going. There should be a pie chart at every university that says, out of every dollar you spend in tuition, here’s where your money is going.” The conference call was part of a whole day in which the administration addressed the issue of education at different levels. Monday morning, Obama appeared on NBC’s “Today” show to talk about public education reform in elementary and secondary schools. Monday afternoon, Dr. Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden, spoke at NBC’s “Education Nation” summit in New York City, where she emphasized the importance of community colleges in higher education. The conference call also came at the beginning of a national tour of colleges for Obama and Biden. Obama is scheduled to speak at a rally at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Tuesday, and Biden is scheduled to speak at Penn State Tuesday. Obama said the goal of those visits is to underscore the importance of young voters in the Nov. 2 midterm elections. “You can’t sit it out,” Obama said. “You can’t suddenly just check in once every 10 years or so, on an exciting presidential election, and then not pay attention during big midterm elections where we’ve got a real big choice between Democrats and Republicans.”last_img read more

SMC clubhouse event promote sustainable arts

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first_imgSaint Mary’s art department featured different forms of social media through a variety of media arrangements Friday at The Sustainable Arts Café and Market at Dalloway’s Clubhouse. Dr. Adrienne Lyles Chockley, social justice program coordinator at Saint Mary’s, said when we think of social justice, art, poetry and music are not usually the first forms of expression to come to mind, but these mediums were at the forefront of last Friday’s event. “I wanted to have an installation of artworks created by students, and then [art professor] Julie [Tourtillotte] came up with the idea of having students sell their goods,” Chockley said. “Then the students chose to have all proceeds going to St. Margaret’s House, so it’s another way of promoting social justice by providing funding for a really important social program in downtown South Bend.” All of the featured media, from the artwork to the poetry, had an underlying theme of social justice, including the selection of free organic snacks and fair trade coffee and tea, Tourtillotte said. “You’re making sure that the coffee was produced in ways that were environmentally sound and also fair in terms of the people working are fairly treated both in terms of their wages and in terms of the kind of chemicals they might be exposed to in producing those products,” Tourtillotte said. Student-created pieces such as eco-dyed scarves, notecards and recycled denim paper were all made in Tourtillotte’s “Sustainable Textiles” course. She said Selected pieces were all on display for show and for purchase. “Everything from A-Z is the student’s work,” Tourtillotte said  “They fashioned everything really from scratch.”   The student-made pieces allowed the Café to increase awareness about the justice behind production of the things we consume, Chockley said.   “People didn’t know all these things were available on campus,” Chockely said. ” Just knowing you have a choice is an important issue to be raised today. Contact Emilie Kefalas at [email protected]last_img read more

3 member engagement resolutions for credit unions in 2019

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first_imgAs 2018 draws to a close, credit union leaders are looking ahead and charting a path for their organizations through a rapidly changing industry. If you are among them, you may be asking yourself questions like:In a crowded financial marketplace, are we doing enough to distinguish ourselves, right from the first point of contact?Are we remaining visible and relevant through the channels members are currently using? Do we understand their digital lives and the needs they express online?How do we stay ahead of the curve on new innovations, while still minding our costs?To adjust to the ongoing changes in the financial services industry, and to prepare for a year of increased growth and improved loyalty, you need to align your people, processes, and technology with a singular focus on your members and their needs. Here are 3 ways to get started:Make a Great First Impression on New MembersMake 2019 the year you maximize the value and loyalty of new members with a multi-channel, multi-touch onboarding program. Here’s how to make a lasting first impression, by: Using quieter periods in the year to perform data cleansing tasks. Healthy, accurate databases really are the key to marketing initiatives that delight your members and return good ROI. In 2019, take the time to review your data management strategy and make sure it contains concrete policies and timelines for data hygiene tasks, and includes regular monitoring for high data standards. Exploring big data, social data, and unstructured data. Augmenting your data to get a fuller picture of members and their circumstances will be important to your credit union’s success as financial technology evolves. Consider the use of external data from aggregators to enhance your understanding of your members. Perhaps your marketing team would enjoy creating a small pilot program using third-party data to enhance their understanding of a high-value member segment?Considering fintech partnerships. Credit unions don’t have to reinvent the wheel to prepare for AI and machine learning. Working with an experienced vendor to centralize data access and implement enterprise-wide business analytics will help you lay the groundwork for emerging technologies in a way that offers immediate bang for the buck while respecting your current resources. Smart Tech + “Service First” Mentality = True EngagementTo prepare for success in 2019, resolve to move beyond old-school metrics like the number of new accounts opened. Shift your focus to the broader member experience, monitor data around this focus (retention rates, satisfaction scores, and so forth), and adjust accordingly. A better bottom line will naturally follow because fully engaged members are more profitable, more loyal, and more likely to reach out to you for additional products and services. Then, take a similar approach to the adoption of emerging technologies. Ask yourself “How will this improve our member relationships, first and foremost?” In this age of increasing consumer expectations, your credit union will thrive if you can identify the right mix of new technology, increased insight, and old-fashioned service to genuinely put members first. Keeping your outreach personal. A new member needs the right information for their personal circumstances, not ads for all your top products. The first 90 days of a new member relationship are the most effective time to cross-sell and upsell, but that’s not an excuse for un-targeted offers. Instead, resolve to keep your offers targeted, analysis-driven, and limited. Communicating frequently enough to stay top of mind. In an effort to not deluge the new member in too much information, some credit unions limit onboarding communications too heavily. The truth is, studies have shown that consumers want more contact from their financial institutions, not less. The catch, of course, is that those communications need to be advisory in nature and offer genuine value. And don’t forget to provide lots of enticement for members to make use of the account past their initial deposit. Inactive accounts can be a real drain on your bottom line.Taking a cross-channel approach and remembering the value of visuals. From email to text messaging to in-app communications, there are many ways to reach out to your new member and make them feel welcome. Don’t limit yourself to text-heavy communications, either – video messages and infographics can be appealing, easy-to-digest components of your onboarding mix. Use Data to Make Life Easier for Members and Employees AlikeHidden within your goldmine of transactional, operational, and member data are the insights you need to make interacting with your credit union pleasant and efficient for everyone involved. Tap into this potential by: Detecting member life events faster and responding appropriately. During major life events, your credit union has a critical role to play as a trusted financial advisor, so use your business analytics tool to identify the data patterns that reveal these shifts, then make the link between these events and your products, and get the right offer in front of them quickly. For example, a member who has been paying a biweekly amount to an auto financing firm for 57 months may be very interested in an incentive to finance a new car in the new year. Making your credit union a better place to work. When you are considering how to improve member engagement in the upcoming year, don’t forget to look at ways to make your staff happier and more productive. Analyze your operational data to determine optimal staffing levels, identify and reward top sales performers, and pinpoint and resolve procedural roadblocks. Your reward will be motivated staff members with more time to do the most important part of their job – engaging with members. Prepare for the AI RevolutionArtificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and machine learning, once the mainstays of science fiction, are becoming reality at the big banks. Your credit union can start along the road to AI success with a focus on diverse, high-quality, actionable data. Start today and take practical steps towards advanced data analytics by: 6SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Olga Zakharenkava Olga Zakharenkava is the VP, Demand Marketing at Doxim, a leading provider of cloud-based customer engagement solutions for credit unions and wealth management firms. Find out more at Web: Detailslast_img read more

CUInsight Minute with Lauren Culp – June 26, 2020

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first_imgWelcome to the CUInsight Minute, sixty seconds from our Publisher & CEO Lauren Culp with the top three of our favorite things from the week.Mentioned this week:Growth After Traumaby RICHARD G. TEDESCHI, HBRWhat good can come of this? In times of stress, crisis, or trauma, people often ask that question. This year we’ve been hit by a pandemic that has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, unprecedented unemployment, and a global economic downturn. In the face of such a tragedy—personal and collective—it might appear that the answer is “Nothing.” (read more)Strategic planning during COVID-19by RUSSELL FURZE, CSICOVID-19 has fundamentally changed member and employee expectations and will likely prompt transformation in the financial services industry for many years to come. By preparing to adapt to future challenges with strategic planning, your institution can avoid reactionary decision making and work toward solutions-based growth and positive outcomes. (read more)3 members, 3 financial outcomes: How COVID-19 is impacting members differentlyby BRUCE DRAGT, CO-OP FINANCIAL SERVICESWhile not a single one of us has been insulated from the effects of COVID-19, the financial impact has been very different for large segments of the population. 40 million Americans have filed for unemployment in the last ten weeks;1 and while many expect to be re-employed when the economy recovers, some may not. (read more)Do not outsource DEIby HUMANIDEI“Why do you have to bring in someone from another place to talk to me? You are my neighbor. Why didn’t you just introduce yourself?” It was a conversation that left me stunned, and a little embarrassed. With the best intentions of serving our whole community, I had hired an external consultant to help connect the organization with parts of the community we had not reached. (read more) ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Lauren Culp Lauren Culp is the Publisher & CEO at leads the growing team at CUInsight, works with organizations serving credit unions to maximize their brand and exposure, connects … Web: Detailslast_img read more