Glutinous rice network Shen Boyang buy reshuffle has been the main reason for the end of the technol

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news April 9th, from more than 5 thousand to February this year, the group purchase website, 900, domestic group purchase industry survival rate of only 18%, while in the view of glutinous rice nets general manager Shen Boyang, currently only five leading half live more comfortable, the future and further integration is possible.

Outside view of

and most of Shen Boyang that is really out group purchase technical threshold and local sales team management, which will further intensify competition. read more

Chinese nternet 20 years is currently in a period of integration and innovation

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lead: review of China Internet development for twenty years, has experienced a basic industry start-up period, formation period, rapid development period, and is currently in a period of integration and innovation.

December 15th afternoon, Chinese Internet 20 years development report (excerpts) starting ceremony China Internet development theme news conference held in Wuzhen, the Research Institute of Yang Shuzhen, Chinese Chinese cyberspace Network Space Research Institute Vice President Fang Xinxin, deputy director of the central network information office policies and regulations Bureau Li Tao, China network space research Institute researcher Li Yuxiao attended the conference. The report notes that China’s Internet is currently in a period of integration and innovation. read more

360 join the Kunlun World Wide Web acquisition Opera total 1 billion 230 million

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technology news Beijing time on February 10th afternoon, a group of Chinese company to Norway mobile Browse Companies Opera issued a tender offer, hope to Norway 10 billion 500 million kronor ($1 billion 230 million) a wholly-owned acquisition of the company.

buyers include Qihoo 360 and the Kunlun World Wide Web, they plan to share the Norway 71 kronor (about $8.29 per share) price to buy, a price premium of 45.6% Opera on Friday.

Opera shares since last Friday to start the suspension, the company last year to consider the sale of foreign. read more

The Spring Festival online shopping also need to wait for businesses to stop delivery courier delay

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order receipt difficult? In addition to some well-known brand flagship store said during the Spring Festival will be the normal delivery, these days a lot of self-employed businesses have hit the "stop delivery" notice, which makes consumers began to worry about whether the goods during the Chinese new year, online shopping will become a big problem? The reporter found inquires, according to forecasts, during the Spring Festival during the rookie platform about 300 thousand courier will stick on the job, but due to objective reasons, the Spring Festival this year, the major courier companies and electricity supplier logistics will be the delivery speed slowed, remote areas will also stop delivery. read more

The two international giants won the domestic express licence first approved under

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publicity more than three months after the end of the top two international courier giant finally entered the Chinese market. National Post Office on September 7th announcement, FedEx and UPS access to domestic express license.

but a suspect is full, so a "normal" message, under national authority the State Post Bureau, China express Association, to talk about "the story behind the" get a licence for the two international giants also told reporters repeatedly asked to be avoided. read more

360 privatization President of mortgage headquarters building holdings of over 500 million

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[Abstract]360 privatization price is $77, the total share capital of 128 million 940 thousand, in order to calculate the valuation of $9 billion 928 million to $360.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on January 15th

360 privatization process continues to advance. A SEC file to get the Tencent technology day in front of the show, has completed 360 of the $9 billion 400 million privatization and obtain the final agreement, China Merchants Bank and other bank led 360 privatization transactions to provide $3 billion 400 million of debt financing. read more

Domestic and foreign ten characteristics fresh O2O see how others play

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fresh electricity supplier topic attracted widespread attention at home and abroad, the discussion is very hot. Electricity supplier in the blue ocean, fresh electricity supplier industry was completely detonated, take a look at the domestic and foreign ten unique O2O electricity supplier is how to play.

Wen / Bao Jian

fresh electricity supplier topic attracted widespread attention at home and abroad, the discussion is very hot. According to foreign media reports, after several years of continuous development quietly, Amazon is planning to expand the fresh electricity supplier service AmazonFresh, will launch AmazonFresh services in the other 20 city, which will include some of the overseas city. Electricity supplier in the blue ocean, fresh electricity supplier industry completely detonated, this time finishing the ten unique fresh O2O electricity supplier for reference. read more

Domain ppp com transaction Price or not less than 1 million 800 thousand yuan

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news July 10th, recently, Xie Yipeng will be the three letter domain name investors stack sold m financial network CEO Wang Weilin; the acquisition of Jupiter Larry domain; but the 6 digit acquired more than and 40 3 digital.Co domain name.

3 letter domain for sale

stacked 3 letter domain limited number, easy to remember, the price has always been very good. Domain name single from the product phase is already a boutique, and its Public-Private-Partnership, meaning public-private partnerships, can also be seen as pat mean, can be used to build any website. read more

News review week ios7 jailbreak bundled Tai Chi assistant provoke controversy Taobao blocked shoppin

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1 Jingdong big data and mobile power supplier


December 26th news, fade Jingdong management year Liu Qiangdong has returned from the United States, and re helm. In the media communication will be held in the Jingdong, Liu Qiangdong released the 2014 Jingdong "sail" strategy: the next key focuses on technology, financial Dian Dian O2O channel sink and internationalization of the five direction.

related reading:

: the return of Liu Qiangdong Jingdong farewell respite mobile providers to break read more

U S buy site series report Chinese couple founded 8coupons

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is perhaps the heart has been left China plot, received an interview request email, 8coupons yuan Wenxi and Huang Landi (founder of the couple currently serves as CEO) accepted Sina’s exclusive telephone interview, tells the story of their entrepreneurial story for China readers.

U.S. Group buy site 8coupons screenshot

U.S. Group buy site 8coupons founder Yuan Wenxi (right) and (left)

after the founding of the Chinese husband and wife 8coupons: 88, namely

Chinese love number eight, probably because of the "eight" and "hair" is a homonym, this figure represents a successful career and fortune. read more