Stress: the ultimate cop-out for uncommitted employees

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first_img Previous Article Next Article Stress: the ultimate cop-out for uncommitted employeesOn 21 Oct 2003 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. Despitebeing a genuine problem for many workers in the UK, we shouldn’t forget thatconcern over the delicate issue of stress is often abused by staff who simplywish to avoid their responsibilitiesWeall seem to be suffering from stress these days. Public sector workers seem tobe more prone to it than those working for private companies. But in both, theincidence is high. Arecent survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development foundthat 38 per cent of NHS workers, 30 per cent of local government staff and 25per cent of corporate employees find their work either ‘stressful’ or ‘verystressful’.Buthow much of this is more fiction than fact? When they take part in surveys,what do people mean when they say they are ‘stressed’? Do they mean they areactually having to work for their living? What is wrong with that? Perhaps‘stress’ is actually a by-product of many employees’ expectations. What theyreally want is a boss who will give them an easy life. Iknow of many under-performing companies that are regarded by their staff as‘good places to work’. This is simply because they have comfortable jobs andrelaxed bosses. Adifferent management team is brought in – usually because of acquisition – andjobs are reorganised. New management controls are put in place, and employeeperformance targets are introduced. People have to start earning their wages.What is the outcome? Staff who complain of being bullied and harassed by theirbosses and working in a culture of fear, falling ill with stress. Muchof this is plain nonsense. It is entirely a result of new managers having toabolish old working practices for the company to survive.Ofcourse, there is harassment and bullying in the workplace. And the direction ofcorporate change offers greater opportunities for this to happen. Theshift to decentralised and devolved operating structures allows those in chargeto exercise almost total unfettered control over their staff. Still, the abuseof this autonomous authority is very much the exception rather than the rule.It doesn’t account for the 30-plus per cent of workers who feel they arestressed in their jobs.Perhapsa major contributory factor for the high incidence of recorded stress is theattitude of GPs. Many are overworked and stressed themselves. So when facedwith a patient who can’t sleep, can’t concentrate and feels irritable, an easysolution is to diagnose these symptoms as ‘work-related stress’, issue themwith a sick note and recommend they take a few weeks off work.Yet,the patient’s stress could be caused by suspicions of a partner’s infidelity,or anxieties about little Jimmy’s performance at school. Is he being bullied? Theproblem, of course, is that we have no quantifiable, scientific measure ofstress. Instead, we have subjective interpretation.Inthe former Soviet Union, whole factories almost came to a halt because of stafftaking days off work with backache. Why? Because if they complained theycouldn’t work because of backache, there was little anyone could do about it. Andso it is today with stress. If staff complain they are stressed and unable towork, what can either the medical services or employers actually do?Thereis another simple little matter that is often overlooked: stress can be a goodthing. Unless I feel under pressure, I under-perform. I must have adrenalinflowing to be effective in my job. Sowhat is the solution? Obviously, motivational and inspirational leadership cando a lot. People doing the most difficult and challenging tasks can feelcomfortable if they report to leaders with whom they have an open, consultativerelationship. Theyalso need clear personal targets. There is nothing more stressful than workingin a job without any clearly-defined goals. Supportive teams encourageflexibility, work-life balance and problem-solving, which mitigate some of thecauses of what many express as being work-related stress. Wecan help to put all these things into place. But we have to recognise that manywill still use ‘stress’ as a cop-out, and view it as a strategy for reneging ontheir duties as responsible employees. ByProfessor Richard Scase, Author and corporate keynote speaker Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

UVU Men’s Golf Hosts 25th Annual Golf Classic

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first_img Brad James FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailSARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah-Wednesday, Utah Valley University’s men’s golf squad hosted its 25th annual golf classic.At the Talons Cove Golf Club of Saratoga Springs, 136 golfers participated with all proceeds benefiting the Utah Valley University student-athlete scholarship fund.Coaches and student-athletes from all 16 of the Wolverines’ Division I sports were on hand, interacting with Wolverine Club members with games, giveaway tips and encouragement.All told, $37,000 was raised to benefit UVU athletics.The win was earned by foursome Dave Rogers, Aaron Smith, Kurt Merrill and Kevin Ford who netted a team score of 52. Tags: Aaron Smith/Dave Rogers/Kevin Ford/Kurt Merrill/Talons Cove Golf Club/UVU Men’s Golf Classic Written by August 15, 2018 /Sports News – Local UVU Men’s Golf Hosts 25th Annual Golf Classiclast_img read more

NATO states plan joint maritime munition acquisition

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first_img Authorities View post tag: NATO Several North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) states intend to combine maritime munition purchases with the aim of lowering acquisition costs by achieving economies of scale.Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, and Spain signed a Letter of Intent on Multinational Cooperation for the Provision of Maritime Battle Decisive Munitions (MBDM) in Brussels during the NATO Summit held from July 11 to 12, 2018.The plan covers a broad range of munition types, including surface-to-air and surface-to-surface missiles, torpedoes, and gun shells.As explained, the potential establishment of common warehousing solutions could lower costs even further.NATO’s Assistant Secretary General for Defence Investment, Camille Grand, welcomed the initiative, calling it “an important first step on the road towards creating European stockpiles of high-quality maritime munitions to meet our evolving needs. Over time, it will increase our interoperability, our ability to share our munitions and to work smoothly and effectively together, whatever the circumstances.”This initiative follows similar efforts by NATO Allies and partners within the air and land domains.Specifically, the defense ministers of 16 NATO Allies and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Multinational Cooperation for the Provision of Land Battle Decisive Munitions (LBDM) during the summit in Brussels. Austria and Finland will also sign the MOU immediately following the NATO Summit. July 12, 2018 NATO states plan joint maritime munition acquisitioncenter_img Back to overview,Home naval-today NATO states plan joint maritime munition acquisition View post tag: Munitions Share this articlelast_img read more


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first_imgWe have just been informed by one of our Indiana State contacts that at 4:00 this afternoon a news conference will be called by the Indiana Gaming Commission.We are told that the officials of the Indiana Gaming Commission will announce at this news conference that beginning at 6:00 A M this coming Monday all the Casinos and Sports Books in Indiana will close for at least two (2) weeks because of the CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC.This is a developing story and we shall give updates soon as we receive them.FOOTNOTE: We are currently tracking to see if the Racetracks and Slots Gaming establishments in Kentucky will also follow suit of the Indiana Gaming Commission and close down their gaming establishments because of CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Into the deep

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first_imgOn the third floor of Cambridge Rindge and Latin School (CRLS), a student leaned forward and asked: Will the future of deep-sea technology be human or robotic?More than 1,000 miles away, in the Gulf of Mexico, Bruce Strickrott stood next to the Alvin, the deep-sea research submersible, and answered simply: both.Comparing human and robotic exploration was unfair, said Strickrott, the chief Alvin pilot with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, because both have great value. But, he added, “Every time I’ve taken someone down in the submarine who’s only worked with [marine robotics], they always say, ‘I never knew it looked like that.’”Rindge and Latin students in Cambridge were communicating with Harvard researchers and scientists who were in the Gulf conducting a “verification cruise” — the first of its kind — on the Alvin sub, which had undergone a comprehensive upgrade over the last three years to expand its capabilities.Commissioned in 1964 as one of the world’s first deep-ocean submersibles, the vehicle had been out of service since December 2010. Having already completed more than 4,600 dives, Alvin’s upgrade now allows the sub to safely operate to more than 14,000 feet below the surface, 2,300 feet deeper than it could previously. Able to carry two scientists and a pilot on dives lasting up to 10 hours, the Alvin has located lost hydrogen bombs, explored hydrothermal vents, and surveyed the wreck of the RMS Titanic.With its new upgrade, the sub now has “all the bells and whistles,” said Peter Girguis, a professor in Harvard’s Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology.  Girguis proposed the verification cruise, which was funded by the National Science Foundation. Joining forces with Paul McGuinness, the marine biology teacher at Rindge and Latin, Girguis gathered Alvin researchers, scientists, and crewmen to talk with the students about their work and discoveries, even sharing new images and videos not yet released to the public.Speaking in an interview a week prior to the Gulf expedition, Girguis stressed that “we need to begin doing a better job of engaging students” in marine science. “By the time students go to college, many see some career paths as impractical. We want to show [them] that marine science has many viable career options, not just being a professor. We need ocean engineers, captains who can pilot the ships, researchers who work in fisheries. We want to give students an unprecedented opportunity to engage with the people who are doing those jobs.”“The opportunity for all kinds of students to talk face-to-face to the people on a vessel like that, answering questions in the moment, is really valuable,” said Caspian Harding, a Rindge and Latin senior and an intern with the Girguis lab through the CRLS Marine Science Internship program at Harvard. “It shows you can be a pilot, an engineer, a videographer. All these options are open. It shows you really can pursue what you love.”The verification cruise included six to eight dives over several days. The trip tested the sub’s new upgrades and allowed researchers to complete “incidental science,” exploring the Gulf’s diverse ecosystems and further examining effects from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010.Responding to a student asking about “the next big questions” for marine science, Harvard graduate student and Girguis lab member Heather Olins said the possibilities were endless. “It’s a hard question to answer,” she said. “We know so little about the floor of the deep sea that all the questions are big questions.”At the end of the day, “out here at sea, a lot of people pitch in to help,” Girguis said. “The fact is, it really takes a team of people working together to get things done.”This collaboration is one of many between Harvard and the Rindge and Latin.  To learn more about the University’s partnerships with local schools, visit Harvard Community Connections on the Web.last_img read more

The Weeknd vows to tone it down for his Super Bowl show

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first_imgThe Weeknd may be known for his graphic music videos and performances featuring blood and violence, but the three-time Grammy winner says he will tone down his act during the Super Bowl halftime show.,The pop star said he will “keep it PG” during his headliner slot on Sunday at Raymond James Stadium as the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Tampa, Florida. He promised to be “respectful to the viewers.”,“I will still incorporate some of the storyline. It’s a very cohesive story I’ve been telling throughout this era and throughout this year,” he said. “The story will continue, but definitely will keep it PG for the families.”,The 2021 Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show will be different this year due to the pandemic and The Weeknd said he will use different parts of the stadium, the field and a “little bit” of the famously massive pirate ship. But the singer would not be drawn into specifics of his show. “You have to watch on Sunday,” he said.,When asked for his favorite Super Bowl halftime show, The Weeknd cited Diana Ross’ 1996 performance. She was lowered to the stage by a crane of sparklers, hundreds of dancers spelled out her name on the field, she made three costume changes and she left via helicopter.,“The show just makes me smile,” said The Weeknd.,The Weeknd broke though into mainstream with his smash hit “Can’t Feel My Face” that was featured on his second studio album, “Beauty Behind the Madness,” which topped the Billboard 200 in 2015 and won a Grammy. He’s had three other chart-topping albums including his recent offering “After Hours,” which was released in March.,Last year, The Weeknd’s hit single “Blinding Lights” became his fifth song to peak at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. He’s also won Grammys for his album “Starboy” and the song “Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey).”,Roc Nation and Emmy-nominated producer Jesse Collins will serve as co-executive producers of the halftime show. The game and halftime show will air live on CBS.,Collins said he wants to put on a live halftime show that is “unique and reflects the creativity all of us bring to the process to help translate The Weeknd’s unparalleled vision.”,The Weeknd, whose real name is, Abel Tesfaye, joins a list of celebrated musicians who have played during Super Bowl halftime shows, including Madonna, Beyoncé, Coldplay, Katy Perry, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and last year’s duo of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.last_img read more

Speaker discusses professional women

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first_imgIn Carroll Auditorium on Tuesday evening, Kathy Ameche closed the fourth Saint Mary’s Bold Beauty Conference with a keynote address on the experience of women in the workplace. Ameche has authored a book, designed a line of travel gear for women and worked in the professional world. Ameche served as an accountant at Deloitte and a consultant and chief information officer at Tribune Company. After an introduction from senior and event coordinator JoLynn Williams, Ameche immediately engaged the audience in introductions. “Everyone stand up, turn to the person next to you and introduce yourself,” she said.Ameche observed the greetings exchanged in the audience and said they would not all be appropriate in the professional world.   “I saw some handshakes and hugging, but we won’t be doing that in the corporate world,” she said.   She advised students to give their first job a fair chance. “The most important thing is that you got your first job,” she said. “Don’t write it off if you don’t like it right away. Use the three-strikes-you’re-out rule.” Ameche also said professional women should stay up-to-date with companies on Google Alerts, network and dress for success. Ameche focused on the importance of appearance in the professional world, a topic addressed in the Bold Beauty Conference. She emphasized researching a company’s dress policy and even the type of corporate culture. If the company is more conservative, avoid wearing low-cut blouses and open-toed shoes, she said. Although Ameche said dressing professionally is important, women in the workforce should not worry about physical beauty affecting their work.   “Don’t get hung up on beauty,” she said. “I do look at appearance, but not beauty.” Ameche said double standards still exist for professional women.   “We [women] have to play the game a little [in order to be successful],” she said. However, Ameche stressed the importance of not simply ignoring these double standards currently in place but knowing how and when to resist them, which was a theme of the Bold Beauty Conference. Senior Rebecca Jones said she appreciated Ameche’s advice. “As a graduating senior who is currently job searching, her initial advice concerning first impressions and how something as simple as a handshake can be meaningful is significant to me,” Jones said. Ameche ended her talk with some words of inspiration. “You have a lot to give and a lot to offer,” she said, “Don’t forget that.”last_img read more

Local Candidate Expresses Concern Over “Separate Chautauqua County” Agenda

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first_imgWNY News Now Stock Graphic.JAMESTOWN – A local candidate for the New York State Assembly is voicing her concern about the proposed reopening strategy announced by various officials calling for New York State to move away from the “economic zones” decision-making process for reopening.Christina Cardinale (D) is running against Republican Incumbent NY-50 Assemblyman Andy Goodell this fall. Cardinale released the following statement on her official Facebook page following Tuesday’s press conference with Goodell, Congressman Tom Reed, State Senator George Borrello and other officials:“The “separate Chautauqua County” agenda is still in full effect, as evidenced by this afternoon’s press conference at Crown Street Roasting Company in downtown Jamestown. Our county has a population of about 126,900. Currently, our county has reported 1451 (negative) and 44 (positive) COVID-19 test results. That’s 1.17% of the population. We need a sample size bigger than 1.17% to make educated decisions.”“Our representatives continue to proudly announce our “low infection rate”. They need to remember these low numbers correlate with the low amount of testing. I’m not against reopening. I’m against reopening without being conscientious. I’m against a pandemic strategy that involves a “let the chips fall where they may” mentality.” “Our elected officials are so quick to demand special treatment for Chautauqua County. How can they demand significant treatment for a county without significant metrics?” Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window),Yes, let’s stay locked down until the Fuhrer tells us it is okay. He is so smart. Let’s make him our president cause he has done such a wonderful job. Just follow the democrats. Now excuse me while I puke.,Ms.Cardinale hasn’t a leg to stand on. As per NYS Dept.of Health latest statics 5/12: 85% of COVID-19 deaths in NYS occur in people over 60 yo..89.6% have COMORBIDITY… (COPD, Coronary heart disease, Stroke, Dementia, etc.)..According to NYSDOH: there have been 4 ( four) deaths in total attributed to COVID-19 in Cattaraugus and Chautauqua. These numbers are a total from March 1st until May 12..That’s 10 (ten) weeks!! Granted, people who have risk factors should stay home and wear a mask when in public..This is a good practice for these people to protect themselves from the seasonal FLU!last_img read more

Cole Subaru Crying Wolf Challenge

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first_imgRace DetailsWhen: May 19, 2013Where: Bluefield, W.Va.What: Cross Country Mountain Bike Race, 6-18 milesStart time: 1 pmRace size: 60-150Website: http://www.cryingwolfchallenge.comThe Crying Wolf Challenge XC Mountain Bike Race is part of the West Virginia Point Series and the Virginia Off-Road Series  It is an annual event which takes place along the border of both states at Bluefield City Park. The CWC will be held on May 19th, 2013. There are four levels of competition that constitute the event including a kids race at noon! The main race begins at 1:00PM.The three categories which identify rider experience of the challenge are:BeginnersSportExpertMore than just a race! The Crying Wolf Challenge is an event created to promote tourism and outdoor recreational activities such as cycling, camping and hiking! Come out and join us this year.RACE CONTACTJoe [email protected]last_img read more

Law Week winners travel to Tallahassee

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first_imgLaw Week winners travel to Tallahassee Law Week winners travel to Tallahassee Brown v. Board of Education took center stage the weekend prior to its 50th year anniversary as children from ages 7-17 shared their thoughts about the decision at the Florida Supreme Court.As part of the annual Law Week celebration, student winners of the statewide essay and poster competitions came to Tallahassee with their families and teachers to present their winning entries and receive awards. The students and their guests participated in a mock oral argument at the Supreme Court. The event was organized by the Florida Law Related Education Association.Justice Fred Lewis hosted the children and their families and gave them a behind the scenes tour of the court.Students also participated in an awards luncheon program where they presented their entries and received their Supreme Court trophies.“Our legal system defended equality in the Brown decision,” fifth grader Ryan Patrick O’Neill from Miami Lakes Elementary said. “They solved the problem of unfairness for Linda Brown and those who came after her. That’s how we do things in America.”Erica Emas, a 10th-grade honors law student at Miami Killian Senior High, won the high school essay division. She told the Law Week audience, “We as Americans have actually made little progress in the integration of society. Today, children of every race walk through the same schoolhouse doors, but they often walk down different halls, congregate in separate areas, eat at separate tables, and even sit in different parts of the bleachers at school games.”“The same can be said of adults,” Emas said. “While the law requires integration in our public lives — such as school — during the weekdays, in our private lives and in our private choices — such as church — Americans continue to live segregated and separated lives.”Emas’ father is Judge Kevin Emas of the 11th Circuit.Justice Lewis closed the Law Week ceremony by sharing a personal experience. Never having been exposed to issues of discrimination and segregation in the small town he grew up in, Lewis went to a laundromat when he first moved to Central Florida in the early 1960’s. There were two signs outside. One read “white” and one read “colored.” Having always been told to separate his laundry into whites and colors, Lewis proceeded to put his white clothes into the washers by the white sign. When he went to put his other clothes into the washers marked “colored,” he was stopped by an elderly black lady who told him, “Son, you don’t want to put your clothes in there; they will hurt you.”Lewis said that was his introduction to segregation.Teacher Lorraine Silverstein told the Law Week audience that she tells her students at the beginning of every school year that they will have the experience of their lives if they win Law Week. She posts pictures and trophies won by former students in her classroom.“These students go on to do great things,” Silverstein added. July 1, 2004 Regular Newslast_img read more