Five year olds care for druggies

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first_imgLarge numbers of Oxford children, some as young as five, are forced to care for their alcoholic and drugabusing parents, according to figures recently released by Oxfordshire County Council. The shocking statistics suggest that about 4,000 children between the ages of five and 19 are looking after adults classified as suffering from ‘mental health or substance misuse problems.’ Furthermore, the work of these children is neither acknowledged nor classified by the authorities, since they are not included in the estimates of those with relatives who are diagnosed with physical and mental illness or disability. Officially, there are 54,435 unpaid carers in Oxfordshire, while 1,300 of those are young people. This figure, however, does not take into account children with alcoholic or drug-addicted parents. The estimate of 4,000 children acting as carers for their parents was provided by the Social Services for the district. Caring for disabled parents within the family saves the state millions of pounds each year. In an attempt to ameliorate the situation, an officer has been appointed for the support of children who find themselves in this predicament.ARCHIVE: 6th week TT 2004last_img read more

Legion Teases Whats Next for Season Three at SDCC

September 1, 2019 0 Comments

first_img There really isn’t another superhero show like Legion. Based around a character whose powers are all mental, the show puts you inside his head. It’s overwhelming, disorienting, surreal and never lets the audience get comfortable with what’s going on. And after Season Two, it became more of a supervillain show. We watched David Haller become more arrogant, and act more suspicious. We learned that he was the great evil that destroyed the future. And we saw him commit rape via mind control. How does a character come back from that? FX and Marvel, predictably, isn’t saying.The biggest news to come out of Legion’s panel in Hall H at Comic Con is that the show has already been renewed for a third season. So we’ll find out the answers to all our questions sometime next year… we hope. You never really know with this show. The panel featured an extended teaser for Season Three that doesn’t seem to be available online. Going by a description by Bleeding Cool, it sounds like it consisted mainly of footage from Season Two. That’s to be expected, they can’t have filmed much of the third season at this early stage.The trailer reportedly opened with a gooey delusion creature being hatched from its egg. It infected the Division Three squad, just like we saw in Season Two. Interestingly, dialog between David and an unnamed character from the future (could it by Future-Syd?) about alternate timelines. The theme apparently runs through the entire teaser, and was the subject of one of Season Two’s best episodes. Could it be we’re going to explore multiple timelines even further in Season Three?Aubrey Plaza, Dan Stevens (Photo via FX)Once the panel itself started, nobody could reveal any of the plans for Season Three. That’s partially because Marvel is notoriously secretive, but mostly because, according to Syfy Wire, even the cast isn’t quite clear on what’s going on. Nice to know they’re in the same boat as the rest of us. Dan Stevens, who plays David Haller, said he often felt “confused” while making the show.“I know that Lenny is obviously gonna have a part to play in it,” he said. “We’re off together in some form. Syd’s a bit mad. But I don’t know very much at this stage,” he said. “A bit mad” sounds like the understatement of the year considering what happened at the end.Navid Negahban had some insight into playing both a hero and a villain. That’s especially interesting, considering that although he’s the only one who can stop David from destroying everything, we still don’t know where his loyalties lie. From the sounds of things, it didn’t affect his performance. Negahban insists he’s never played a villain in his life because every villain fully believes they are the hero. Despite that conviction, there were still scenes that confused him.“For me it was the desert scene, sitting at the fortune teller’s booth… I’m still confused,” he said. Yeah man, we’re still not sure what to make of that one either.Jemaine Clement as Oliver Bird, Navid Negahban as Amahl Farouk. (CR: Suzanne Tenner/FX)Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb gave us an idea of what not to expect, according to Variety. Unlike the Marvel shows on Netflix, Legion isn’t interested in having a ton of Easter eggs or cameos from other Marvel properties. “We never want to do Easter Eggs as if we’re running an Easter Egg farm,” he said. He also elaborated a little bit on Marvel Studios’ relationship with Fox for these X-Men shows. Marvel is involved during the creation of the shows. They have some input on what the show turns out to be. After that though, the characters, the direction of the story, that’s all up to Fox. For now, anyway, at least until Disney’s acquisition of Fox goes through.Another thing we probably won’t see more of: well-known X-Men. Loeb said it’s very unlikely we’ll ever see David’s father, Professor X, on the show. That’s probably a good thing. Legion has such great original characters, you don’t want anyone from the movies coming in and overshadowing them.So Legion closes out SDCC with an insightful, but not particularly revealing panel. We may find out just what’s going on with Season Three when it premieres sometime in 2019. Then again, we may not. And almost certainly not right away. Stay on target All the Trailers You Might Have Missed from SDCCVoltron Confirmed Gay AF center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more