Excellent promotion of Croatia on Spanish national television. Want to share this video on your social networks?

November 18, 2020 0 Comments

first_imgIn addition to tourist attractions, the report also includes a story about the most trophy-winning Croatian water polo club “Jug” and is led through Dubrovnik by Xavier Garcia, a Croatian water polo player originally from Spain. The video lasts for an hour, in which the Spanish national television company Cuatro Tv made a report from Split, Korcula, Vis, Zadar and Dubrovnik. https://www.elperiodico.com/es/yotele/20190804/croacia-viajeros-cuatro-7581027https://www.diezminutos.es/teleprograma/programacion-tv/a28597563/viajeros-cuatro-croacia-donde-ir-lugares-bonitos-juego-de-tronos-escenarios/https://www.canarias7.es/revista-c7/tv/television-domingo-4-de-agosto-IN7708846https://www.cuatro.com/viajeroscuatro/dubrovnik-estragos-guerra-playa-kupari-ruinas_18_2797470077.htmlhttps://www.lavanguardia.com/television/20190805/463857564887/viajeros-cuatro-croacia-borja-lopez-xavier-garcia-viaje-cuatro.html “Adriatic cruises are one of the most popular products in Atlas’ offer due to their close contact with nature; you can get to know most of the Croatian coast in the most comfortable way, which is especially interesting for guests from faraway South America, who want to see as much as possible in a short period of time, ”said Touma, adding that the promotions continue at fair in Buenos Aires, where in addition to cruising the Adriatic, they will present other key products on offer, such as tours in Croatia and the region. The show received a lot of publicity on Spanish portals, which conveyed excellent positive impressions about Croatia: Want to share this video on your social networks? According to estimates, the show dedicated to tourism was watched by a million and a half viewers aged 28 to 55 – urban, modern Spaniards with an interest in travel and the latest trends from destinations.  Attachment: VIDEO ‘Four Travels: Croatia, complete on the map Adriatic cruises are one of the most popular products in Atlas’ offer center_img VIS / https://www.cuatro.com/viajeroscuatro/que-ver-vis-cueva-azul-stiniva-playa_18_2797470029.htmlDUBROVNIK / https://www.cuatro.com/viajeroscuatro/croacia-escenario-juego-tronos_18_2797470078.htmlZADAR / https://www.cuatro.com/viajeroscuatro/puesta-sol-zadar-mas-bonita-hitchcock_18_2797470081.html In the prime time of the Spanish national television company Cuatro Tv-Mediaset Spain, the show about tourism “Viajeros Cuatro” aired a show about Croatia which through the stories of native speakers and local guests covers the most popular Croatian destinations such as Plitvice Lakes, Zadar, Split, Korcula and Dubrovnik. Who will promote us, if not ourselves. Through each additional post on our channels, one potential tourist from Spain will see this article more, and so the story of Croatia spreads. This tourist year has proven to be more than challenging, and will only be challenging in the future, where there will be a struggle for every guest. You can see all the videos here: The more this video is shared and spread, as well as all other video and promotional materials, regardless of the source, the more people will see it on the Internet, and therefore in the long run we all participate in a free promotion. All with the aim of promoting Croatia as a tourist destination on the Spanish market. One of the hosts of the show was the Atlas travel agency, so Sandra Touma, Atlas’s Spanish-speaking Market Manager, led a television crew around Korčula, introduced them to Atlas’ new ship in the Freedom fleet, introduced them to the crew and guests. sailed to the next destination – Dubrovnik. Therefore, it should be in everyone’s interest to share this video, as well as all other quality and interesting contributions, at least to those tourism workers from the area where it was seen and filmed. By sharing, the impact and reach of the promotion expands day by day. This is a free promotion and one of your posts. Let’s get started, the first step is up to us.last_img read more