Dell plans to unveil 7inch Android tab at CES 2011

September 21, 2019 0 Comments

first_imgYesterday, a new tablet from Dell earned its WiFi certification from the FCC… arching eyebrows all over the gadget blogosphere, who now know Dell intends to unveil a new tablet at CES, probably to be released imminently after.The question remained, though: which Dell tablet is this? The Dell Steak 5-inch tablet has already been released, and was largely met with yawns. The next tablet that has been tipped for Dell is known as the Looking Glass, Dell’s answer to the 7-inch Galaxy Tab. It now appears that the tablet in question is indeed the latter, but it’s not called the Looking Glass: it’s the Dell Streak 7, at least according to documentation leaked to Engadget describing an in-production commercial for the Android-based device.According to these documents, the advertisement will focus on the tablet’s ideal size, claiming that 7-inches is the “perfect” size to game, browse and use social networks. Dell’s tablets haven’t really gone over very well lately… just another example of Dell’s struggle to enter the mobile market, whether that’s PMPs, PDAs, tablets, or smartphones. Can the Streak 7 accomplish what the likes of the Axim, Aero and DJ couldn’t: garner widespread appeal? We’ll know at CES.Read more at Engadgetlast_img read more