Bolsonaro says he feels ‘very well’, praises hydroxycholoroquine

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first_imgTopics : He did, however, deny making “propaganda for hydroxychloroquine”. Brazil is currently the second country hardest-hit country in the world by the pandemic, behind the United States.The death toll on Thursday was 69,184, with an increase of 1,224 in the previous 24 hours. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who has tested positive for COVID-19, said on Facebook Thursday that he was “very well” and again advocated the use of the controversial drug hydroxychloroquine. Bolsonaro, 65, appeared in his weekly Facebook Live post at his official residence. He appeared to be in good shape and was not accompanied, as is often the case, by ministers or senior officials, and the usual sign language interpreter was not present.Since the beginning of the crisis, the far-right president has dismissed the seriousness of the epidemic and criticized containment measures ordered by governors in Brazilian states. center_img Bolsonaro said that after feeling unwell at the end of last week, he had started taking one hydroxychloroquine tablet every day. The drug, originally tested to fight malaria, has been pushed as a treatment for COVID-19 in many countries — but its effectiveness has not been formally proven and the issue is deeply dividing the global scientific community. “I’m saying this very clearly,” Bolsonaro said in his video. “I took [hydroxychloroquine] and it worked, and I’m fine, thank God. And let those who criticize it at least offer an alternative.” last_img read more

Cricket News Show your Cricket Knowledge with the Hot New My11Circle Fantasy Sports App

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first_imgNew Delhi: For a cricket fan, World Cup 2019 is the most important event of this year. But consuming this sport has moved from mindless casual entertainment to a sport that commands active participation. It is no more just about getting on the couch and watching the match ideally. How about observing the game, making analysis and having an opinion about it?This was made possible by My11Circle, the fantasy cricket app that allows the user to enjoy the real matches of the World Cup and also participate in it by forming virtual teams of real-life players. The player gets points based on the performance of actual players in the matches going on the field. The players with the highest point score win cash rewards.#DadaKaVaada by Sourav Ganguly My11Circle is not offering grand cash prizes this World Cup but is also running an exciting contest along with its Brand Ambassador Sourav Ganguly. The former Indian Cricket Captain and legendary cricket player, Sourav Ganguly is challenging players on My11Circle to form teams and beat his selection on the app. Players who can beat him will get 5 times the cash reward amount.There is also a mega prize at the end of the World Cup of INR 1 Crore for the player who has maximum number of wins all through the Cricket World Cup 2019 matches. The platform is an excellent way to show your cricket skills and win cash rewards as well. Players can join at any point in time and start participating in the matches. Download the My11Circle Fantasy Cricket app right from the website.Rise of Fantasy GamesFantasy sports has been around since 1951 as a concept. It was first introduced by Dick Seitz as APBA (American Professional Baseball Association), a board game that was based on actual baseball. Of course, the games have changed a lot since then. As per a market research firm Wise Guy Reports, the global fantasy sports market stood at 10.47 billion in 2018 and is expected to cross USD 19.93 billion by 2025.The first glimpse of fantasy games in India started with ESPN-Star when it came up with Super Selector. However, it had phased out before the first edition of IPL.My11Circle powered by RummyCirclePlay Games24x7 introduced the brand-new fantasy cricket app My11Circle recently in 2019. The organization also has RummyCircle, the top online rummy platform in India. With My11Circle it introduced its 10 million players to the fantasy cricket platform and brought in its years of experience in offering personalized gameplay.Fantasy cricket is a game of skill and the players have to form the right teams using their cricket knowledge and quick decision-making abilities to form the right team and select the captain as well. What it means is knowing the player performance history and anticipating how they are going to perform in the World Cup.Why is Fantasy Cricket a Rage?Fantasy cricket is the biggest thing this World Cup. What is making it so big is the participation value and real cash rewards. For a country where cricket is almost worshipped, fantasy cricket simply takes it one notch up. With continuous innovation and new features introduced, fantasy cricket platforms are attracting cricket fans of the country.Fantasy games is not only increasing the followers for the sport but can also actively engage and get participation from real-time viewers. It is also bringing players who earlier didn’t really understand the sport, invest time and engage with the game. When players have the opportunity to win cash rewards, they get more involved in the game and even make the effort to research and understand the sport.ConclusionFantasy game has changed the way World Cup will be consumed this year. From just sitting on the couch and watching the match, to actively getting involved. With millions of players, signing up on fantasy cricket platforms, it is just a matter of time, when it would be become the first preferred option to consume cricket in the country.This is a syndicated feed not has been edited by News Nation editorial team. For all the Latest Sports News News, Cricket News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps.last_img read more

“I hope I retire in Cádiz and my name remains in history”

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first_imgSalvi Sánchez was the protagonist of a new virtual meeting organized by Cádiz. The cadists were able to send their questions so that the far right of the Cadiz group shared a half hour with the followers. The footballer is completing his fifth season at the club, and since he arrived in the 2015-16 campaign, Salvi has become a key part of the team thanks to his speed on the sidelines. In fact, He was one of the participants in the last promotion to the Second Division in what was his first season wearing the yellow elastic.The sanluqueño keeps a great memory of the ascent in Alicante against Hercules. “It was one of the happiest days of my life after the births of my children. It was a very nice feeling and I think we are on the way to repeat it again. “Regarding the current season, the extreme cadista affirms that he hopes “it will end well for Cádiz. I hope that the infections go down, that we go back to training little by little, that people start to lead normal lives and find a vaccine for coronavirus. Hopefully finish the League even if it is behind closed doors to avoid contagions and there is no other rebound like in China. We have to do things well enough so that we are not locked up again. “ As for workouts during confinement, the one from Sanlúcar de Barrameda affirms that he is under the orders of Cervera and Miguel Ángel Campos. “I try to do everything the coach says, with Miguel Ángel (physical trainer) we do a separate specific job and try to avoid injuries.” And he recognizes that “those who are carrying the worst quarantine are those who live alone. Children are sometimes a bit heavy, but we enjoy them, that’s also nice. “De Cervera believes that “he is a serious, humble, hard-working person and he has everything very well worked out. He is the best coach I have had in my career.”Salvi’s soccer career was not easy, his beginnings were hard to combine his work on the job with training. “I thought my future was uncertain when I was working on the construction site. I thought about leaving football and continuing to work to feed my son, because we were not charging at that time. In soccer I thought little, until one day I said that I had to get my son ahead and I took everything I had inside me to go to work and train in the afternoon. Even someday, como when I played in Cartagena, that as I arrived I had to go to work to work. “The winger was praised when he spoke of some players with whom he has shared costumes, such as Dani Güiza: “There are people who have won everything and continue with the humility of not having won anything. It was a teaching for me to see his humility and his way of being. We talked a lot and he was an example. “And although he wants to retire in Cádiz, he jokes with” retiring in Atlético Sanluqueño with Jerez, “you never know, my hope would be to retire in Cádiz leaving him as high as possible. When I retire, Güiza will probably continue playing for Sanluqueño and the same thing convinces me to retire there playing with him. “He also had good words for Álvaro García: “I had him by my side, but football is like that. We will miss each other and we will tell our children that together we made history in Cádiz“And he challenges him to see who is faster,” we are similar, it would be nice someday a race between the two. “De Mágico thinks he is one of the best soccer players in the world. “De Mágico does not need anyone to say anything. He will be the best footballer who has passed through this entity and one of the best in the world for sure.”As a soccer idol of his childhood, he highlights “Joaquín. He was one of the players who watched the most, also being from Cádiz even more.”Salvi recognizes that the biggest critic she has is her oldest son, “Brayan when I finish a game and I have not scored, or I have not given the goal pass and he tells me what he should have done on each play, nothing is lost. He is the most critical of my family, then there is my wife. “Finally, the far right of Cádiz claims to be looking forward to competing again to end the season. “I am quite well recovering from the discomfort, I am looking forward to competing again. We are in a very beautiful moment and we cannot escape it.” At the moment, Salvi is clear where he wants to end his sports career: “Hopefully I can retire in Cádiz, the world of football is complicated, but hopefully we will leave Cádiz as high as possible and there I will be, in memory and in the history of Cádiz “.In its beginnings, the Cádiz youth academy did not enter their plans due to the impossibility of attending training sessions, but it was always present in their thoughts of playing for the Cádiz club. “I have discussed it with my father many times. The Cádiz quarry asked about me, but it was difficult for my family to take me to Cádiz to train every day, it was a huge expense, so I decided to stay at the Sanluqueño quarry. For many people from Cadiz it is a privilege to defend this shield and a pride to represent everyone. “Of his goals in Carranza he keeps two: “The goals in Carranza are special. The one I liked the most was one that I put the Vaseline Villanovense with abroad, and the decisive goal against Elche to get us into promotion for promotion. “Salvi affirms that he is at his best, although he admits that he has had ups and downs, “my best moment was the first year, at first I did not have a good time, but I was better when I started playing. The last year was the worst psychologically for me and physically as well, but this year is being one of the best. “If there is something that stands out from the far right of Cádiz is speed, and the key for him is in “Train a lot and be good weight, carry everything according to be faster and stronger. You have to work it, although since I was little I have to work fast.” And he even joked with a follower, “I am aware that I am fast, I do not know how much I have the top, but I take motorcycle speeds when I am fine,” he laughs.last_img read more