Sprint delays launch of BlackBerry PlayBook indefinitely

September 21, 2019 0 Comments

first_imgThe BlackBerry PlayBook was going to launch on Sprint initially on April 19th. Then Sprint pushed the launch date to May 8th. Now, the company announced that they were putting the launch off again, but this time didn’t provide a rescheduled release date or a date when we could expect to hear more about when the PlayBook would be available to Sprint customers.The news broke over at BriefMobile, where a scan of a Sprint-internal dealer’s memo was posted that contains the bad news on the PlayBook’s release date. The memo advises store managers to hold on to their pedestals and information tags for the PlayBook until launch, and notes that the revised date “will be communicated as soon as it is available.”Since Sprint is a CDMA carrier, some analysts have pointed to possible delays in building a CDMA version of the PlayBook, and say that Verizon Wireless may hold off on carrying the PlayBook as a result. Others claim that the issue isn’t related to the process of building a CDMA version, but instead supply chain issues in getting the current 3G model out the door so new models can be manufactured.Regardless, Sprint is also due to get a 4G WiMAX version later in the summer, so it’s possible that they’re holding off for a release closer together. The fact that Sprint reps are specifically instructed in the memo to hold on to their marketing materials means that a 3G version is still on the way, it’s just unknown when it’ll land.Sprint and RIM are keeping their lips sealed on the reasons for the delay. For the time being, Sprint customers will just have to keep waiting for the PlayBook if they’re interested in one.Read more at BriefMobile, via Electronistalast_img read more