Photojojo adds card readers to iPad for 40

September 21, 2019 0 Comments

first_imgAs an amateur photographer, one of the struggles experienced in the field is taking an image that you think is killer only to return home and find that it was pretty useless because it appeared much different on the screen of your camera.Many a curse and wish has been uttered for need of an on-hand bigger display that did not require the lugging around of a laptop. Surely there are some readers out there that can sympathize with this plight? But now they can rejoice, because like Mighty Mouse, Photojojo is here to save the day with its new compact flash/SD card readers that can be plugged into an iPad.These new card readers let a user plug in their memory card from a digital camera, and see and even edit images on the fly using the tablet. Along with a slot for the memory card, PhotoJoJo has thought ahead and provided USB access as well, allowing a flash drive or a camera with a USB port to transfer files to the iPad.Now, technological wizardry such as this would usually make one think a high price is involved. Not so with this unit, as the CF version of the reader runs $30, while the SD reader will set you back just $15. Not bad at all, but you can save even more if you buy both readers together for a bundle price of $40. Add a couple more things from the Photojojo store to total $50 or more and you get free shipping on top of that. This is a killer deal and a dead useful set of items if you own an iPad.More info at Photojojo’s websitelast_img read more