ELI UltraHigh Field laser could rip apart antimatter and boil the vacuum

September 21, 2019 0 Comments

first_imgBig science can be scary. As we learned with the Large Hadron Collider, in order to learn certain things about our universe sometimes science needs to do things that haven’t been done before and that some people might perceive as being slightly risky. As it turns out, the LHC didn’t create a black hole and destroy the world, so maybe it’s time to focus our fears elsewhere. Next up? How about the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) Ultra High Field laser?Basically, it’s a 200 petawatt laser that is being built in order to research a number of different aspects of physics (astrophysics, gravitational, particle, etc.). It will allow for “ultrafast attosecond to zeptosecond studies of laser-matter interaction”. (Talk about a party trick!)How does it work? According to a handy infographic, ten lasers join forces to create a super laser beam. This beam can destroy ghost particles which exist in pairs, which is to say that they normally cancel each other out. The good news is that if the beam is able to pull apart the ghost particles the scientists will be able to detect them and, eventually we’ll be able to learn more about dark matter. And the bad news? Well, it all sounds very scary, with language about rending the fabric of space, but you shouldn’t stay up at night worrying about the laser being pointed in the wrong direction, it could lead to some major advances in certain fields.The ELI Ultra-High Field laser is the first step in a project that will cost over 700M euro. Locations will be places in the Czech Republic (Beamlines facility), Hungary (attosecond), and Romania (nuclear physics), each of which will serve a difference purpose. The specific placement of the ELI-Ultra High Field laser has yet to be determined and it may not be at one of those locations, but we should know the site some time in 2012.ELI.eu via Telegraph.co.uklast_img read more