Samsung demands testimony from Apples Jony Ive

September 21, 2019 0 Comments

first_imgThe courtroom war between Apple and Samsung isn’t pretty. It started in April with accusations by Apple that the South Korean manufacturer was blatantly replicating their products with the Galaxy line of phones and tablets. Then Samsung went on the offensive, digging up any patents they could find to counter-sue Apple for copying them. Despite the two companies working together on the A5 processor, the battle isn’t showing any recent signs of slowing, with the latest report having Samsung trying to summon Apple Senior VP of Industrial Design Jony Ive.If you aren’t familiar with Ive, you are most definitely familiar with his work. While the English-born designer may not be the dominating force of nature that Steve Jobs was, he has arguably been just as instrumental in Apple’s 21st century success. Ive was the lead designer of the iPod, iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, and basically any other major Apple product from the last 10 years.Ive is listed on more than 200 Apple patents, and is responsible for much of the aesthetic of their products. His Dieter Rams-influenced eye for design meshed well with Jobs’ Zen focus on clean simplicity, and the two were close friends. Before Jobs’ death last month, the former CEO made it a point to structure the company so that Ive would have free reign at Apple, not having to compromise his vision for anyone (including current CEO Tim Cook).What would Samsung want with Ive? It isn’t clear, but this is in the United States case, where Samsung is the defendant and Apple the plaintiff. Perhaps Samsung wants to grill him about other companies’ designs that influenced him, in an attempt to establish that everyone is copying someone? Whatever the legal plan is, three other current and former Apple designers were also included in the deposition.The legal war between these two companies is exhausting to follow, but there are some potentially huge ramifications weighing in the balance. Jobs vowed to “destroy Android” as he believed that it was a blatant ripoff of Apple’s hardware and software innovation.If Apple is successful in enough of the cases, then he just may get his wish. The Android platform may not be destroyed, but it would be changed for years to come. Manufacturers could be forced to pay heavy licensing fees and would have to think twice before proceeding with any particular design. This could ultimately lead some device makers shifting their focus to Windows Phone, or some other platform.via Apple Insiderlast_img read more