iPhone 5 bezel suggests larger edgetoedge display

September 21, 2019 0 Comments

first_imgIt seems to be a day for Apple product bezels to leak. We’ve already seen a white iPad 2 front bezel, but this next leak is decidedly more interesting.The image above is of an iPhone 5 bezel as seen on Chinese accessories site iDealsChina. The specific measurements of the bezel have not been given, but it looks to be similar in dimensions to the current iPhone 4 while allowing for a larger display.Such an edge-to-edge display for the new smartphone fits with earlier rumors of a 4″ screen. Removing the space from either side of the existing 3.5″ screen would allow for the extra half an inch. A minor overall dimension change may be required to fit the larger display in, but I doubt many will notice such a change.Below are a couple of mock-up images to give you an idea what the final iPhone 5 could look like as well as comparing it to iPhone 4: Read more at iDealsChina and 9 to 5 Mac, via Pocket-lintMatthew’s OpinionThere is very little Apple can do with the design of the iPhone to make it stand out from previous models. Jony Ive can’t mess too much with the classic button below the screen and curvature of the case. But if you can make a larger display fit within the same case dimensions that’s pretty huge in terms of catching a users’ eye.Just looking at the mock-ups above you can instantly see the difference in the new model while it manages to retain the iPhone look. If this is the final design it is going to go down very well with iPhone users. If the phone has somehow been made thinner and lighter too, that’s just a bonus.iPhone 5 is clearly going to be all about that gorgeous 4″ display enhanced by it having no edges.last_img read more