The Abidal Case does not end: It is confirmed that there was a donation, now it remains to be seen if they were cousins

May 14, 2020 0 Comments

first_imgIf we recapitulate the case, they will remember that Abidal suffered liver cancer that was resolved by a transplant of what was supposedly his cousin. A citizen of Lyon named Gérard Armand. The case did not go beyond the happy recovery of the footballer until during the wiretaps of Sandro Rosell A call was picked up between the former president of Barça and Juanjo Castillo, an intimate collaborator of the former, in which the Frenchman was reproached for his little gratitude “after having bought him a liver to save his life.” An absolutely illegal practice that opened a judicial investigation.Well, forensic expert evidence shows that en truth, that transplanted liver was from Gérerd Armand, as blood tests and scars show. What is not clear is that they are related, fact required for this class of transplants. According to the researchers Abidal and Armand contradicted their kinship in the interrogations and for this reason the Spanish consular body in Lyon was asked to obtain the birth certificate of both, a management that could not be completed. The Abidal Case remains unclear and at each door that opens after the investigation a new question arises. According to the forensic tests of the clinical expertise to which the Cadena SER, it is proven that the French citizen Gérard Armand was the donor of the piece of liver that allowed the Barcelona defender and current technical secretary of the club to recover from the cancer he suffered. However, this clarification is followed by the consequent mystery: what is not clear now is that Armand and Abidal are related, in this case, cousins ​​as stated, so the donation could be considered a crime.last_img read more