Microsoft may need to rename SkyDrive for Europe

September 21, 2019 0 Comments

first_imgMicrosoft has been running its cloud-based file hosting service SkyDrive under a few different names since it was introduced in August 2007. It was called Windows Live Folders, then Windows Live SkyDrive, but eventually Microsoft settled on using just SkyDrive. However, that name may now have to be changed across Europe due to trademark infringements.The company attempting to stop Microsoft using the SkyDrive name is BSkyB, who run the very successful Sky pay-TV service across Europe. They’ve actually been fighting Microsoft over use of the name since 2011, and have just won a court case confirming Microsoft is infringing the Sky trademark.While judge Justice Sarah Asplin believes the name SkyDrive will cause confusion for consumers, Microsoft begs to differ. It intends to appeal the decision and try and invalidate some of the trademarks Sky holds while arguing you can’t easily confuse Sky TV and its online services with SkyDrive cloud storage.It seems unlikely Microsoft can win when you consider they have been fighting this for two years and thy just lost a judgement. BSkyB have also vowed to continue fighting to protect their brand, meaning they probably won’t be doing a deal with Microsoft to allow them to continue using the name for a fee.The worst case for Microsoft now is they are told to pay damages and stop using the SkyDrive name across Europe or face further (expensive) action. If that happens, I wonder what Microsoft will rename its cloud storage service to?last_img read more