Droid Razr Maxx proves that LTE phones can have good battery life

September 21, 2019 0 Comments

first_imgWhen LTE was introduced to the US last March (with Verizon’s launch of the HTC Thunderbolt), geeks everywhere salivated at the prospect of wireless data that was (in many cases) faster than their home internet connection. Then they actually used the Thunderbolt… then they used the Droid Bionic… and then they used the Droid Razr. All of these phones had atrocious battery life, sometimes only lasting a few hours on a single charge.Motorola is trying to change that with the sooner-than-expected sequel to the Razr: the Droid Razr Maxx. Though it gains some girth in the process, it has a much bigger battery. Does the more powerful battery translate into an LTE handset that can actually last an entire day?Early signs point to a resounding “yes.” Most Droid Razr Maxx reviews from around the web either haven’t been run yet (look out for ours next week), or they were run without extensive testing of the battery. However, the early consensus is that the battery life is off-the-charts.One of the publications that has some solid numbers on the Razr Maxx’s battery is Laptop Mag. Their test, which involved continuous web surfing with the brightness set to 40%, showed some encouraging results. The Razr Maxx lasted longer than any other LTE phone on the market.That wouldn’t necessarily say much: it’s similar to labeling someone as “the fastest-sprinting sumo wrestler I’ve ever seen.” But in the case of the Razr Maxx, it beat other LTE phones by several hours. In this test, the phone lasted for eight hours and 25 minutes. The next best battery life in an LTE phone was that of the Droid Charge: it only lasted six hours and 42 minutes.It looks like Motorola finally nailed the LTE handset. It has a great screen (though there are better), a thin design (though it’s thicker than its predecessor), and a fast dual-core processor. Moto craftily got our attention with the über-thin Droid Razr, then released a much more well-balanced sequel.Though the Razr Maxx doesn’t have Ice Cream Sandwich or the stock Android experience, it may give the Galaxy Nexus a run for its money as the best Android phone on the market. The Maxx is roughly the same size, but has much better battery life and will be getting ICS “sometime in the future.”last_img read more