How to track Hurricane Irene online

September 21, 2019 0 Comments

first_imgAn earthquake may not be all the East Coast experiences this week. With the 5.8 rumble behind it, Hurricane Irene, the first of the Atlantic hurricane season, may be about to pay some major cities a visit. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to track Irene as she makes her way north.Irene is classified as a Category Three hurricane with sustained winds up to 130mph. Category Three hurricanes are powerful enough to cause major structural damage and power outages. There’s a good chance Irene will become a Category Four hurricane as it moves up the east coast. Irene formed Monday morning and will most likely hit North Carolina this weekend. Evacuations have already begun there.One of the most official and involved ways to keep tabs on Irene is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s nowCOAST. This service provides the most extensive weather data, and allows you to customize your own map with as many variables as you see fit. It may not be the first choice, however, for those who aren’t meteorologically inclined.MyFoxHurricane is an excellent resource that is constantly updated. The main page currently provides eight different views of Irene and a chat box sits on the right-hand side. The site’s Hurricane Tracker provides an accurate view of the storm’s path. Clicking the storm on the map provides basic information about wind strength, category, and location.Twitter provides nearly instant access to the latest information. Within seconds of feeling the tremors of Tuesday’s quake, I checked Twitter for “ny earthquake” and learned all the stats. For Irene, CNN’s Weather Twitter feed is providing the latest information the moment it breaks.A slightly less effective and less technological method is looking out your window. Of course, it may be too late to react by then, so it’s best to be prepared by taking advantage of the Internet, TV, and radio as early warning systems.There is currently debate about a New York City evacuation. The last hurricane to hit the NYC area was Gloria in 1985. Irene has caused significant damage as it passed over the Bahamas. Irene is steadily strengthening and poses a major threat to the east coast as it moves up along Florida at the time of this writing. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg said there will be “an enormous shelter system” for those who don’t have a place to stay. Bloomberg has the executive power to issue an evacuation order, but he would only issue that in the “worst circumstances.” The decision to evacuate will come tomorrow, according to Bloomberg.With the amount of tools available in the information age, preparing for a hurricane is a whole lot easier than it was before. How are you preparing for Irene?via Mashablelast_img read more