Dropbox acquires Audiogalaxy for a possible cloud music venture

September 21, 2019 0 Comments

first_imgDropbox might be getting into the streaming music business, if the company’s acquisition of Audiogalaxy is any indication. Something along the lines of Amazon’s Cloud Player or Google Music seems like a safe bet, though Audiogalaxy’s blog post mentions only that its staff will be assimilated into the Dropbox ranks. The company also announced that it’s no longer accepting new user registrations and Audiogalxy Mixes (the company’s discovery offering that launched in March) will no longer be available after December 31.Current users will still be able to stream music from their home computers to mobile devices, and it’s that functionality that may have drawn interest from Dropbox. It’s not a perfect solution to making your music available everywhere. Many ISPs throttle uploads to the point where they struggle to consistently push even something as small as an MP3 file at a consistent rate. On top of that, all that streaming eats into your monthly bandwidth allowance.By joining forces, Dropbox and Audiogalaxy could offer users an even better solution. Music files would be silently pushed to a users’ Dropbox storage. After that initial bandwidth hit, mobile streaming wouldn’t chew into your precious allotment of gigabytes at home. Dropbox might even be willing to match Amazon and offer unlimited storage for uploaded music.While Audiogalaxy has enjoyed some success with its latest offerings, there’s no doubt a Dropbox-branded music service would do even better. Brand recognition goes a long way with consumers, and Dropbox is still widely regarded as one of the top service providers around.via Audiogalaxylast_img read more