NCS Playoffs: Del Norte out for redemption as Warriors host St. Bernard’s

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first_imgCRESCENT CITY >> If there was ever a contest featuring a contrast in styles, Friday’s North Coast Section Division IV second-round matchup between the seventh-seeded Del Norte Warriors and the No. 2 seed St Bernard’s Crusaders could be it.The Crusaders come into the contest riding a 10-game winning streak that includes a 76-24 lambasting of the Healdsburg Greyhounds in the opening round of the section playoffs one week ago in which the Crusaders led 15-0 just two minutes in and were never …last_img read more

Nelson Mandela’s words of wisdom

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first_imgNelson Mandela by Himself: The Authorised Book of Quotations is a comprehensive resource on the sayings of South Africa’s former president. MEDIA CONTACTS • Sello HatangCEO, Nelson Mandela Centre of [email protected]+27 11 547 5600 RELATED ARTICLES • Mandela quotations book published • Make a difference on 18 July • Nelson Mandela: a timeline • Old bones take Madiba’s name • Travelling the Mandela routeRudo MungoshiNelson Mandela was a man of wisdom and insight, and his words have touched and inspired people all around the world.Taken from Nelson Mandela by Himself: The Authorised Book of Quotations, we present some of the inspirational sayings by the icon of peace that have roused and touched many internationally.The book features over 2 000 quotations – many previously unpublished – gathered over six decades and taken from audio recordings, speeches, correspondence, interviews, private papers and more. The collection is organised into 317 categories, from “Accountability” to “Zionism”. Nelson Mandela By Himself was published under the editorship of Centre of Memory CEO Sello Hatang and senior researcher Sahm Venter, who guaranteed that each saying is 100% accurate.The words of Nelson MandelaAccountability The collapse of good conscience and the absence of accountability and public scrutiny have led to crimes against humanity and violations of international law. Rally, Bloemfontein, South Africa, 25 February 1990There is an absence of democratic accountability and control in every sphere of government and the state. To address this debilitating legacy requires determined action and a deep commitment to transforming our society from a crisis ridden present into something all South Africans can be truly proud of. International Press Institute Congress, Cape Town, South Africa, 14 February 1994AchievementsOur achievements, however we know full well, must not be used as an excuse for exaggerating our success or for ignoring errors committed and weakness that require urgent attention. From an article published in Africa South volume 6.1, October-December 1961We must always remain modest about our achievements. Fortieth anniversary of the establishment of Umkhonto we Sizwe, Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa, 16 December 2001AidsAids is a major problem to be tackled by the entire world. To deal with it requires resources far beyond the capacity of one continent. No single country has the capacity to deal with it. From a notebook, December 1991Aids is not a curse that we must deny, it is an illness that can be defeated. Resisting the continued stigmatisation of HIV-positive people is not only a compassionate act, it is practical and pragmatic. IBIDAids is no longer just a disease, it is a human rights issue. IBIDThe fight against Aids is one of the greatest challenges the world faces at the start of the 21st century. Closing ceremony of the 15th international Aids conference, Bangkok, Thailand, 16 July 2004ApartheidThe racial policies of the government have pricked the conscience of all men of goodwill and have aroused their deepest indignation. The feelings of the oppressed people have never been more bitter. IbidThe apartheid system has devastated the country. Poverty is rampant and endemic. The conditions of the life for the people continue to worsen everyday. Address to the French national assembly, Bourbon Palace, Paris, France, 7 June 1990Ours has been a bitterly divided society in which laws and the police were used to defend and maintain a legitimate system. National day of safety and security , Soweto, South Africa, 15 October 1994CourageI learnt that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. I felt fear myself more times than I can remember, but I hid it behind a mask of boldness. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers the fear. From Long Walk to Freedom, 1994DeathI would like it to be said that, “here lies a man who has done his duty on earth”. That is all. From the MSNBC documentary Headliners and Legends, 2006Education Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Address at the Planetarium , Johannesburg , South Africa , 16 July 2003 No child in Africa and in fact anywhere in the world should be denied education. I know that we can reach this goal. Launch of the Dream For Africa international fund raising campaign, Cape Town, South Africa, 6 December 2004HomeThere is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered. Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom, 1994HopeHope is a powerful weapon and no one power on earth can deprive you of From a letter to Winnie Mandela, written on Robben Island, 23 June 1969I never dreamt that time and hope could mean so much as they do now. From a letter to Adelaide Tambo, written on Robben Island, 31 January 1970Human RightsTo deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity. To impose on them a wretched life of hunger and deprivation is to dehumanise them. Address to the joint session of the House of Congress, Washington DC, US, 26 June 1990JusticeIn the end we must remember that no amount of rules or their enforcement will defeat those who struggle with justice on their side. At the 50th anniversary of the General Agreement of Tariffs and Trade, Geneva, Switzerland, 19 May 1998InjusticeI believed that in taking up a stand against this injustice, I was upholding the dignity of what should be an honourable profession. Talking about racial discrimination against black lawyers during his trial for incitement and leaving the country illegally, Palace of Justice, Pretoria, South Africa, November 1962Landmines Landmines are blind weapons that cannot distinguish between the footfall of a soldier and that of old woman gathering firewood. They recognise no cease-fire, long after the fighting has stopped, they can maim or kill the children and the grandchildren of the soldiers who laid them. From a message in support of Night of a Thousand Dinners, Rotary Pretoria East, Pretoria, South Africa , November 2003Leadership The spirit of people cannot be crushed and no matter what happens to the present leadership, new leaders will arise like mushrooms till full victory is won. Presidential address to the annual congress of the ANC Youth LeagueThere are various standards by which to measure the significance of an organisation. One of the most important of these standards is the calibre of its leadership. From a letter to Reverend Andrew Hunter, written in Victor Verster prison, Paarl, South Africa, 21 August 1989Only leaders of a special calibre and integrity are able to see the basic problems that affect us all and who tend avoid the sterile polemics. From a letter to James Mndaweni, written in Victor Verster prison, Paarl, South Africa, 21 August 1989Media The media is one of the principal figures in ensuring that we develop our country, we unite our people, we promote reconciliation. Briefing to editors and opinion makers, Pretoria, South Africa, 28 November 2003Newspapers allow us to hold a mirror up to ourselves, and we must be brave enough to look squarely at the reflections. From a message to the congress of the World Association of Newspapers at the 14th congress of the World Editors Forum, Castle of Good Hope , Cape Town, South Africa, 3 June 2007Memory Whatever my wishes might be, I cannot bind future generations to remember me in the particular way I would like. From an interview with John Battersby, Johannesburg, South Africa, published in the Christian Science Monitor on 10 February 2000We should never forget those on whose shoulders we stand and those who paid the supreme price for freedom. Upon receiving the freedom of Howick , South Africa, 12 December 1996RacismNo one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite. Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom, 1994ValuesPermanent values in social life and thought cannot be created by people who are indifferent or hostile to the aspirations of a nation. From a letter to Winnie Mandela, written on Robben Island, 23 June 1969                Youth  South Africa is producing determined young people whose level of awareness is remarkably high. From a letter to Hilda Bernstein, written in Pollsmoor prison, Cape Town, South Africa, 8 July 1985The involvement of students in the freedom struggle is crucial and the emergence of a vigorous student movement is to be welcomed. From an essay entitled “Whither the black consciousness movement”, written on Robben Island, 1978I pay tribute to the endless heroism of youth; you, the young lions, have energised our entire struggle. First speech after his release, City Hall, Cape Town, South Africa, 11 February 1990last_img read more

Chrome Surpasses Safari in U.S.

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first_imgWorldwide, the browser market is dominated by Internet Explorer, which holds nearly 53% of browser use, with Firefox coming in at just over 31%. Chrome follows with 9% and Safari with under half of that at 4%. The picture is similar for the U.S., but with Chrome and Safari coming in nearly even at around 9%. According to StatCounter, Chrome just barely took the lead over Safari this week with 8.97%, as opposed to Safari’s 8.88%. Chrome has steadily gained ground over the past year, and recently has been stealing away the geeks and early adopters from open-source alternative Firefox. For many of these same users, it has been Chrome’s lack of features that has held them back, but as the little-browser-that-could has added functionality like extensions or location awareness, its speed and minimal design have drawn an ever-increasing user base. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#Apple#Browsers#Google#web Related Posts Internet users in the U.S. have finally caught up with the rest of the world in their browser choice today, with Google’s Chrome taking over third place from default Apple browser Safari. The browser, first released just two years ago, has led Safari worldwide since last September, but just this week surpassed it in the U.S. as well, according to Internet traffic analytics company StatCounter.For some, this is seen as a big win for Google over Apple, as the two companies battle over the search and mobile spheres.“This is quite a coup for Google as they have gone from zero to almost 10% of the US market in under two years,” commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO of StatCounter, in a release. “There is a battle royal going on between Google and Apple in the internet browser space (Chrome v Safari) as well as in the mobile market (Android v iPhone).” mike melanson 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Developers Share Mac App Store Sales Figures

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first_imgWhen Apple’s new desktop-focused Mac App Store launched, it was expected to be a hit. One day later, Apple confirmed that the store was taking off, with over 1 million downloads on its first day. But how many of those were free apps? How many were copies of Twitter for Mac or Angry Birds? What about individual developers’ results?As it turns out, many Mac App Store developers are sharing details about their Mac App Store sales figures, both on their own websites and in traditional forums. Below is a selection of those results. Spoiler alert: the news is good.For Big Developers, Big SalesEvernote:One of the most impressive examples of how the Mac App Store’s launch impacted sales came from popular note-taking app Evernote. One day after the store’s launch, the company talked about the massive influx of new users it saw.In the first few days of 2011, 166,789 new users downloaded Evernote, and since the launch of the Mac App Store, more than half of them came from the Mac. About 40,000 users signed up from the Mac so far, wrote Evernote’s Phil Libin on a company blog post dated Jan. 7. This is new users only, he stressed. The actual total number of downloads from the Mac App Store was 90,000 (from store launch until midnight on opening night). Related Posts Chopper 2:Next, there’s game developer David Frampton of Majic Jungle Software, makers of a top paid app, Chopper 2. He told MacRumors that Chopper 2 saw nearly 30,000 copies sold from the Mac App Store during opening day, which equated to a revenue stream of over $20,000. LittleFin:LittleFin Software, makers of a home inventory app called Compartments, was seeing an average of six to 10 sales per day prior to the Mac App Store’s launch. In preparation for the launch, the development shop lowered the price from $24.95 to $9.95, in the hopes of attracting a larger audience.As it turned out, Apple liked the app, selected it as a Staff Pick and listed it on the Great Mac Apps page. On launch day, LittleFin sold 1,500 copies of the inventory app, and over the next two days, it continued to sell around 1,000 copies each. And when 4×4 received a similar promotion (New & Noteworthy pick), its sales went up too. What this all means, is that, for the most part, the trend with the Mac App Store seems to be a surge of new users upon launch, followed by steady or tapered-off sales afterwards. However, being promoted by Apple in some way on the store, as always, will send a second rush of new users. Many developers are even choosing to sell their apps exclusively through the store, like image editor Pixelmator, for example, which detailed its Mac App Store transition on its blog.It will be interesting to revisit these results after a longer period of time, like a quarter, or half a year, to see if these trends continue. In the meantime, it appears that the outlook is good. Very good. A second app, Chronicle, was not featured by Apple, but began selling 80 to 100 copies per day – 10 times its usual sales volume. The conclusion, wrote LittleFin’s founder Mike Dattolo on the company blog: “lower prices can be sustainable.”“We have always wanted to price our apps lower. But when we tried that in the past, we simply couldn’t get enough volume to justify it. So like other developers, we were a little nervous about the potential for a race to the bottom in the Mac App Store, even though we came in with reduced prices ourselves,” he said. “The removal of purchase barriers (everyone has an Apple ID) and the huge potential audience of the Mac App Store is providing enough volume that we can offer lower prices. Of course, our apps are simple, and belong at low price points.”RealMacSoftware:RealMacSoftware, makers of web design software RapidWeaver, plus utilities like Courier and LittleSnapper, reported it sold 5,000 apps on the first day of launch. But, “as with with every product launch, unit sales will tail off,” noted a recent company blog post. “The Mac App Store is no different.” However, the development firm is now watching to see if the average daily run-rate for apps increases gradually over time.For now, Courier is the only app exclusive to the Mac App Store, but the company plans to release LittleSnapper 2 and RapidWeaver 6 as App Store exclusives. Despite the tapered-off sales, the firm still considers the Mac App Store worthwhile, apparently. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Tags:#Apple#NYT#Trends#web Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… DaisyDisk:According to a post on Appstorm, the utility DaisyDisk, despite not being featured, saw a big surge in interest: in first three days, the company sold a tenfold increase in sales from its own site.iBank:Financial management application iBank also saw great sales after its Mac App Store debut, but wasn’t sure if it could contribute them to the store itself. Said Scott Marc Becker, the managing director of IGG Software, “After just these first few days, I can’t say whether sales at our site are up as a result of our visibility in the Mac App Store – they’ve been running really high, as they typically do this time of year,” he said.Markcircle:Another development firm, Marketcircle, maker of apps for small business told Appstorm that it saw a three-fold increase in regular daily sales of its Billings app. But because some of its products require the use of background processes and headless servers, forbidden by the Mac App Store’s rules, it cannot sell exclusively through the store at this time.Real Figures from Those Further Down in the ChartsOf course, not everyone is a multi-app development firm, staffed with employees, or with a user base of tens of thousands. What about the smaller developers?MacRumors tracked some opening day results, culled from this forum thread on These included:4×4 Offroad Racing ($3.99): 93 units sold for a total of $371, ranked #76Bubble Bang ($2.99): 17 units sold for a total of $51, ranked #150Light Quest ($9.99): 3 units sold for a total of $30, ranked #173Bubblez ($2.99): 7 units sold for a total of $21, unranked (not in top 180)That forum post has been updated since the original blog post, however. Additional opening day figures now include:Blush ($2.99): 452 units soldOff-Road Velociraptor Safari ($2.99)?: 128 unitsCrane Wars ($2.99)?: 101 units soldTime Donkey ($2.99)?: 13 units soldStuntMANIA ($4.99): 622 units sold opening day, 709 on the 2nd dayGuns of Icarus: 449 units soldGalactic Gunner ($0.99): 194 units soldAge of Tribes ($1.99): 220 opening day, 258 the following day; now lowered price to $0.99Even more interesting are the updated reports from these developers, some of whom say their sales increased on days after opening day.“Stuntman Bob is selling well…and yup, better on day 2 than on day 1,” wrote one developer, who said he sees the game as a “public beta” since it’s his spare time project.The developer of Offroad, Bubble Bang and Bubblez, saw sales increase when he lowered them for a weekend sale at $0.99 each. By day 3, they were at:4×4 Offroad: 364Bubble Bang: 55Bubblez: 29StuntMANIA, which got a Staff Favorites pick, quickly jumped to #21 overall in the Mac App Store in the U.S. The developer reported that on Jan. 14, it had its biggest sales day since launch: 1121 units. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting sarah perez 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Get Ready for a Green Building Ordinance

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first_imgA few years ago, I — along with Michele Myers (the “God-Mutha uv Green”) and representatives from county government, planning and inspections staff, architects, remodelers, production builders, commercial builders, utilities, lawyers and business leaders — got together at the behest of our local planning board to work on developing a green building ordinance for our county.The wrong kind of ordinance could explode in our facesWhen we first got to the meeting they seemed ready to mandate 100% Energy Star in 12 months and 100% LEED for Homes in two years. Boom, problem solved…The first thing to we did was to point out how few builders in our town have actually built an Energy Star home, and we talked about the (well hidden) failure rate for first-time Energy Star builders and the drop-out problem with first time green builders. We have really well-intentioned builders around here who dive into Energy Star and Green Building Programs and fall down hard on the follow-through.It’s been critical for us as a green building council to have a way of incentivizing follow-through on Energy Star and Green Certification. (We do a lot of education and “green drinks” type networking events, and you can’t have a home on the green building tour if you enter a home in the program and then fail to complete the certification.)We had to bring it home to the county staff that they weren’t going to just pass a decree and magically have every builder in town come up to the level of training required to meet this standard of workmanship and to meet the level of documentation required to actually pass the certification. We have plenty of builders doing Energy Star quality work and using green building systems, but getting them up to speed on the documentation required for third-party certification is another story.We also have people who have had land in their family for generations who don’t take kindly to folks who tell them what they can and cannot do with that land — so some salesmanship and diplomacy is required.Almost two-thirds of the builders in our green building council have yet to certify a homeWe have over a hundred builders and many more businesses represented in our council, and we’ve certified well over 500 homes to our evolving green building standard, but those homes represent just forty builders. The rest are taking the classes and incorporating green building systems into the homes they build but have yet to make the step to actually certify any of the homes they build.If the county made it mandatory, we’d probably see them rush to get on the bus. But we’d also see a heavy failure rate and the county was going to need to have a good plan for what the consequences would be if a builder made a good try to be green and Energy Star certified and came up short. We argued for the use of rewards rather than requirements, and the county staff argued back that until it was mandatory there would be no compliance. In fact, there are many items in the existing building code that are mandatory and are not being enforced. (Accurate and meaningful Manual J calculations top that list.)So we worked out a staged implementationI was really impressed by the amount of homework that the county staff and inspectors had done. They had assembled and studied a huge binder of green building programs from many cities and counties all over America.I was also impressed with the extent that the building inspectors and planning staff were aware of the struggles of the business community. I also noticed that they were overwhelmed by demands put on them by the county commissioners to continually do more work without expanding their budget. At the same time their initial approach seemed alarmingly simplistic and poorly considered.Nothing simple about defining what is greenIn addition to LEED for Homes, we have a very strong Earth Craft program here in the Southeast. We also have our solar-focused NC Healthy Built program and a strong program based on the NAHB Green Building Initiative. We have a small pocket of the Audubon Green Leaf program and we also have some odd little “self-certifying” going on (i.e., greenwashing) — plus we have a whole cadre of old-school solar builders and natural builders who are so far to the left of the political spectrum that they refuse to concede that certification is relevant to what they’re doing.Between us we find very little consensus on what is the minimum definition of a green home.Incentives proved to be harder than anticipatedExpedited permitting for plans that were enrolled in Energy Star and a green certification program was an easy give for the inspections and zoning departments, but we have a health department (managing the well and septic applications in the county) that just didn’t come to the table.You can expedite zoning and plans review all you want, but if the septic and well permits still take a month you’re just hurrying up to wait. Permit fee give-backs were considered but the county budget is already a sea of red ink and our permit fees are pretty reasonable already.All plans acceptedThe inspectors were very apprehensive about needing to become versed in green building best practices, so they were easily convinced to allow any “generally recognized third party green certification program” to be recognized. By giving builders and architects the freedom to select, and pay for, third-party certification, the county hasn’t had to adopt any one standard over the others, and they don’t have to train all the inspectors to be Green certifiers or Energy Star certifiers.The county does have a great information tech staff, so they offered to create and host a Web site that would list all the builders who had certified a project to Energy Star or third-party green certification on the county Web site. No ads, just a list of which builders had certified homes and how many and how recent and what level of energy or green verification they had received. This online list helps to separate the greenwashers from the good builders, it encourages verification, and it was produced at very little cost to the county.A combined effort on green jobs trainingOur local HBA offered to give scholarships for our green building classes to building inspectors, high school teachers, and community college teachers. These scholarships were offered through our HBA educational foundation which has been set up to encourage high school students to go into the trades.That has worked out well, but I have to admit that it’s pretty intimidating to teach those guys. The county also agreed to apply for grants to promote green building education on their own and to support a green building home tour. (We have two tours per year, one in the fall that focuses more on solar builders and one in the spring that focuses more on “mainstream green.”)No “county endorsements” of one builder over another — just the factsWe also discussed creating “Orange County Goes Green” job site signs and a “wall of green” in the permit office that would display the green builder info they agreed to put on the Web site. That idea has gone nowhere as yet; I think it’s been killed by their legal department since it looks too much like a county endorsement.We’ve also been kicking the PACE program back and forth for a while; it may yet get some traction.Still, mandates are inevitableOf course the introduction of the carrot is just an attempt to postpone the stick. If we don’t hit 50% Green and Energy Star participation by the fall of 2010, they intend to go back to setting mandates.The new building code is a mandate, and — despite all the gnashing of teeth that is going on — it’s a giant step in the right direction. So, for that matter, is the proposed Energy Star revision. (Step away from the blogosphere and read the freakin’ documents. If you’re a conscientious builder, you will not have any problem with what they say.)So this is why I have global warming skeptics in my green building classesThe writing is on the wall. We will not hit 50% participation this year by a long shot, so we will be meeting in the summer and fall to discuss phasing in the mandates — which means that the builders who haven’t learned how to build green will have a longer drive to compete for fewer jobs outside of the county and building costs around here will go up once again — at the same time that impact fees are going up and wages are stagnant and declining.Learning how to build and remodel affordable and green is looking like a better business strategy every day.last_img read more

Facebook’s Privacy Evolution Crawls Another Step Out Of The Ooze

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first_imgtaylor hatmaker Privacy: A Facebook Work In ProgressThe privacy revamp builds on last year’s update, which introduced granular controls that allowed members to decide how public their posts are. That update also introduced prior review for photo-tagging (giving people the ability to stop others from identifying them in photos) and the ability to sign off on what pops up in their Timeline.The suite of changes is the most significant privacy overhaul since August 2011, designed to bolster the trust of its increasingly skeptical members, largely by providing more contextual education. The update will be rolled out gradually (a hallmark of Facebook updates with this scope), beginning at the end of 2012.Placating Mistrustful UsersIncreasingly, it seems that the company needs to assuage vocal members’ complaints about the social network’s infamously complex settings. The confusion might charitably be attributed to the fact that Facebook offers a forest of features to an incredibly huge membership.Maybe, but obfuscation has stubbornly persisted when it comes to the process of sharing information on Facebook, be it a wall post or your photos from that night in Cancun.It’s hard to ignore the reality that member data, aggregated or not, is being sold to avaricious advertisers, and that Facebook shareholders are (understandably) happiest when the advertisers are sated.Three Big GoalsAccording to a post about the changes by Facebook’s product lead, Samuel W. Lessin, who also worked on the 2011 privacy overhaul:“We continue to strive toward three main goals: bringing controls in context where you share, helping you understand what appears where as you use Facebook, and providing tools to help you act on content you don’t like.”Amen. Facebook’s Biggest Privacy Overhaul This YearThe update also adds some utility to the Activity Log, a running record of your every micro-act on the social network. The Log can now be sorted by content type, and it will allow members to review untagged photos and other content that could still appear elsewhere.The Log also allows members to untag multiple incriminating or otherwise unsavory photos at once — a timely godsend for holiday party-goers the world over. Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… Related Posts Tags:#Facebook#privacy#security#social media#social networks center_img The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos If Facebook’s privacy controls leave you scratching your head, you’re in good company — or a lot of company, anyhow. Lucky for the befuddled among us — present company included — Facebook is announcing a campaign to educate members about, and streamline their access to, privacy options.The newest wave of tweaks isn’t a full-fledged privacy revolution — but it’s a heartening and overdue shift toward making control on the social network less of a test of mental stamina.Shortcut To Privacy?Among Facebook’s notable changes is Privacy Shortcuts, a new menu option designed to keep privacy settings for the most important stuff right at hand.  Members will be able tinker with core privacy controls right from the main toolbar — no menu-spelunking required. Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Auditlast_img read more

Why is a Support System Important During the Recovery Process?

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first_img“When families and spouses are involved, whether mental health or medical diagnosis, that person is being setup for success.”  – Courtney Wilson, U.S. Air Force Mental Health LiaisonThe recovery process is never a “one size fits all” approach for wounded warriors and varies depending on the severity of their condition(s). While the military provides a continuity of care to the service member during the medical and/or physical evaluation process, it is the level of involvement from families that has shown positive effects during the recovery of wounded warriors. Evidence exists that family members, especially spouses, may offer important social support, including help, emotional encouragement, and compliance with therapeutic instructions [1].  Similarly, a nonsupportive family context may be associated with a lack of treatment recommendations and result in poor recovery [1].In the video below Captain Courtney Wilson, an Air Force Mental Health Liaison describes the importance of involving a support system in the recovery of mental health patients. While the service member’s continuity of care is maintained, Capt. Wilson said the family provides an outlet so the warrior doesn’t have to take on everything by themselves. Listen below to Capt. Wilson’s response on the importance of a support system.Reference[1] Tsouna-Hadjis E, Vemmos KN, Zakopoulos N, Stamatelopoulos S. First-Stroke Recovery Process: The Role of Family Social Support. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2000; 81:881-7.This MFLN-Military Caregiving concentration blog post was published on July 17, 2015.last_img read more

Thousands still waiting for power to be restored in BC after windstorm

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first_imgVANCOUVER — It’s shaping up to be a dark Christmas for thousands of households in southwestern British Columbia.BC Hydro crews have been working around the clock to restore service since a powerful windstorm swept through the region on Thursday.The utility says it has reconnected more than 550,000 customers, but as of early Monday morning just under 26,000 remained in the dark — most of them on Vancouver Island — and it could be three more days before power is restored to rural areas.BC Hydro said the storm was one of the worst it had seen in 20 years.RCMP say it killed a woman in Duncan when it blew a tree down on her tent. It also shutdown Nanaimo’s water treatment plant, and it destroyed a 30-metre section of White Rock’s pier.Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands were among the hardest hit areas, with hundreds of downed trees blocking roads and preventing hydro crews from completing full damage assessments.The province’s public safety minister, Mike Farnworth, said emergency operations centres have been activated in affected areas and warming centres have been opened in many communities.The Canadian Presslast_img read more