Ma Yun the company’s worst concern is the realm of the founderExclusive interview with Zhou Hongyi W

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really protect the interests of founders is not absolute control, but not feel good "supreme authority", but a number of you careful recruitment and training of reliable people, a culture of healthy and positive open and transparent and effective mechanism, the three combined basis possible.


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in fact, these two misunderstandings will greatly hinder the development and growth of your company. Unless you just want to be a small family business, you may be able to make long-term control. If you want to do a good job, do a strong, big, and become a evergreen listed companies in the public, these two ideas is a fatal barrier. read more

About Shanghai Longfeng experience replacement site after P

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on the other I have a headache problem, actually cannot be updated in time to update the station, it is unable to update an article does not exist, I find the defect of the article delete it. In this update, I think this so you can do it, but it has prompted another piece of the defect, I then delete it…

site installed, I also put a template change, also feel a sense of achievement, sense of sleep up, check the website included snapshot snapshot website found more acceptance check record amount stay at 24, I had the website snapshot is updated every day, that is the love of Shanghai included however, Google is still so friendly I article continues included without much change, perhaps this is the search engine between different algorithms, so I love Google, but no way Chinese more love love love Shanghai Shanghai I have to flow up. Now don’t update, a little disappointed, but I know the website updated: This is a normal phenomenon. But still not discouraged, I continue to send articles to continue updating the site! Four or five days later found love Shanghai not only updated but previously included in the article in decline. This is a little flustered, I think, I should be the site for too many things, always let love Shanghai cannot accept! Fortunately I backup all website content website before so I went from the new HTML page before the upload to space, I hope to love Shanghai friendly, the second day I go to see, really. read more