Two level domain name and two level directory how to choose

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two directory and two domain names in the production site in the promotion of use is very extensive, and where their weaknesses in the optimization, SEO optimization and promotion by which way, today Hou Qinglong and the balance of power:

two directory and two domain name, which is more use included


two directory is relying on the network domain name weight, domain name included in good condition, direct can speed up the two level directory included, compared to the two level domain, two level domain name in the search engine is an independent web site included in more than two directories slightly slower, which is two level directory easier for search engines. Two domain names sometimes will also enter the search engine study period. read more

On the use of original article after completion of the use of skills

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original article, I believe that many webmaster friends have written a lot, the author himself is the same, after entering this line, you can obviously feel that their writing in the level of improvement. To put it simply, most of the articles you’ve written are expressions that express your own personal feelings, usually narrative articles. And novice stationmaster respect, more stationmaster is talking about original article, after finishing, do not know how should do. The original article can actually very simple, the author in the previous article also stressed that the site of the original article and we usually see the difference, especially soft, it is another kind of new style of writing. read more

Tencent electricity supplier designer experience sharing department stores large class page how to m

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project background: with the fast and easy user base continues to expand, because there is a demand for fast and easy user department store goods, and the price of the commodity is low, buy high frequency, can quickly increase the amount of single easy fast and can pull new customers, based on this, the Department is fast and easy to expand the category of commodities started lead. By expanding the category of opportunities to participate in some of these projects, here in the Department of large class page design thinking summary. read more

Watch the whole process of Baidu included

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QQ station, friends say this kind of station is easy to flow.

began at the beginning of my career site QQ site, see everywhere online, thought is to squeeze. So 52yyQQ space ( came into being,

talked about Baidu’s online version included, there are inherent to remove the argument, such as search engines, submit to leave your links in the Baidu high weight website, the purpose is to let Baidu spider to climb up on its Web site, which has a collection of opportunity, however is different the spider came, through the audit time may vary, and human factors, plus the inclusion of Baidu, so Baidu included people always cannot understand. Of course, you know, it has changed the other way. read more

Problems should be paid attention to in utilizing network business

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in recent years, the Internet has been developing rapidly in these years, with the changes in turn the world upside down Ji’nan website, using the Internet company to remind entrepreneurs must pay attention to the following problems, in order to avoid detours:

1, choose good website construction and optimize enterprise. If you want to use the Internet business, your website must be your most important marketing platform, so choose a good website construction enterprise is your first step to success. Selection of enterprise website construction, you must understand the actual level of them, look at the actual effect of their success, pay attention to their understanding of the network marketing, an excellent company can provide good service and guidance for your successor, will let you avoid detours. read more

What should be paid attention to when changing domain name of large business website

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domain name as the site itself is not good, is not conducive to the promotion of website brand, many sites will consider replacing the domain name, the domain name change is when will lead to many new problems, such as the search engine and old customers to visit, in must change the domain name, how do we change as soon as possible through the throes of domain name? Therefore our website also changed more conducive to our Chinese memory habit of domain name. More conducive to our website brand promotion. read more

Blog forum website combination how do do Taobao customers

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haven’t write articles about Taobao customers, today come up to breathe, summarize this time guest experience. Nowadays, Taobao is becoming more and more popular, and more and more people are doing it. This is a good phenomenon. However, most of Taobao’s customers haven’t made much money yet, and most of them don’t quite understand what Taobao can do to make more money. At the same time, also found that many people want to do Taobao customers will not network technology, has been hesitant. In fact, not because of technical problems and the impact of their guest steps. Here I will do a good job with Taobao customers to share some experience with you: read more

n order to search engines please do not regularly revised website

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first statement, I do not SEO nor what to do Wangzhuan personnel, purely personal preferences.

that’s the case. Business has been falling sharply in the past few years. The boss started to find me and asked why our business was mostly from the internet. Of course, the Internet is life for the boss. The company is doing Baidu promotion, I do not agree with this, but for the interests of the company, of course this is the most desirable way (anyway, I do not pay, the company to, I do not have to manage so much. But now the situation has changed, and Baidu’s promotion is still being done, but for the time being, the Google will be stopped. In fact, Google is no big help for the company – the boss knows, and of course he won’t ask about the suspension of Google promotion. Ask also ask Baidu, promotion still in Baidu, why not the effect before, read more

How to effectively and quickly let Baidu included new station

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time is really fast, remember, I have been standing for three years already. This one is really suffering ah, the so-called bitter, that is the beginning of the slowly, starting from zero, a little bit of progress; the music is, whenever you have a little progress (in the master simply small case), I will le Zai zai……

my method, I believe the master has also used before. Therefore, this post only gives novice a hint, master float. If a master has seen, please do not brick me, ha ha… read more

Blind nternet start ups have cost me a lot

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Internet, this amazing thing, it can make me crazy for once.

in October this year, my company registered successfully, so I plan to use only the money to do a website, do a big web site. So I went to do it. The first positioning is to make an interactive community of lovers, so I also wrote a ten page plan, stayed a few nights, a let me very glad to plan out (my first official plan, ah ~) so I took the plan ready looking for someone to help me find a station, wind, so I’m very careful with the plan to Chengdu, directly to the inspection company, they want to help me do an amazing website program, to know their company, I had the amazing website cost was high up to 400 thousand yuan, the company for the first time since the founding of the confusion, then, my colleagues and I talked it over and decided to abandon most of this program plan, do a professional couple shopping network, so let the wind to help us make a Shopping site procedures, they offer ten thousand yuan, I feel okay, pay the money, signed the contract to do. (my big brother, little brother not to help foosun advertising, did not know there are shopex and ECSHOP of the two major hole) read more