The join venture must know the prevention techniques

June 4, 2017 0 Comments

once the Spring Festival, a variety of fraudsters have begun to haunt, a lot of careless entrepreneurs will accidentally caught. Today small for you summed up the four entrepreneurs to join the anti fraud techniques, with a look.


trick two

online advertising and website alliance, join everywhere is the business sector responsible person said, the franchisee in the collection on advertising also formed the alliance " the situation, to further expand the propaganda propaganda each other, face.

trick three

trick four

unscrupulous companies are themselves imaginary contract entry, trying to avoid the obligation, for example in the contract indicate the effect by the franchisee self " other words, franchise rights will be very difficult.

face all riches of temptation, have intention to join the people should keep the conscience, do not believe the sky will fall, how much how much do not be dazzled by the blandishments, must be a detailed understanding of the specific situation of children’s clothing brand in the choice to join, as far as possible to reduce the loss of their own.

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