Henan four wheels how to reflect different development priorities

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in the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, Henan’s economy has made a major breakthrough in the development of. There are four major enterprises in the Henan region, then, Henan "four wheels" how to reflect the different development efforts? Following the core area of grain production, the Central Plains Economic Zone, Zhengzhou airport economic comprehensive experimentation area, Henan has fourth national strategic planning – Zheng Luoxin national innovation demonstration zone.


approved just three months

The two have been eager for a fight

in May 28th this year, in the first China Luoyang talent Expo, Luoyang relevant departments responsible person said, in order to better promote the independent innovation demonstration area construction Luoxin Zheng State, "13th Five-Year" period, Luoyang city will come up with less than 2 billion yuan, for the introduction and cultivation of innovative entrepreneurial talent (team), to organize the introduction of double team 50 above, attract more than 500 high-level personnel to Luoyang science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship, founded more than 200 innovative companies, realize the gathering of high-end talent.

how to attract talent and retain talent? Luoyang chose to use this key to a personnel system reform and policy innovation, efforts to open up channels, enterprises docking and fusion into the channel, market channel and talent growth path "political research depth, the construction of modern innovation system. At the same time, intensive introduction of a series of preferential policies to attract all kinds of talents and supporting measures to eliminate the fragmentation of human resources policy, small scattered problem.

in June 16th, 3 billion yuan investment in science and technology new town project in Zhengzhou national high tech Industrial Development Zone officially settled. This is the first high-tech zones approved by the national innovation demonstration zone after the introduction of the first high-tech park operations management complex.

According to

estimates, 5 years after the completion of the project, the annual output value of related industries will bring about 10 billion yuan, creating about 10 thousand jobs, attracting 200 domestic and international industry leading enterprises and innovative enterprises, the annual tax of not less than 200 million yuan.

[three national strategic positioning]

core area of grain production

stabilize grain production, to ensure that there is food to eat

in August 2009, the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice on the issuance of the core area of Henan grain production construction plan as a symbol, Henan province has become the country’s major grain production areas.

is the first major grain producing province, feed grain production related to national food security and the province’s population of one hundred million, only hold the recommended

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