Three trends of future development of car washing industry

May 29, 2017 0 Comments

domestic private car ownership is increasing, driving the prosperity of the automotive market, car wash service more and more fire, but also with the change of the times to show a new trend. For investors interested in this business venture, it is necessary to grasp the trend of these, here to share the future development trend of the car wash industry three.

1. water-saving car washing equipment will gradually be applied to promote, because of the status quo of traditional car wash industry high water consumption, high pollution has been strictly controlled by the government at all levels. Therefore, in the selection of water-saving devices should be the first.

2. car wash shop tends to be located in the garage, parking lot and other vehicles concentrated storage. Car wash shops, especially in the second tier cities in the country busy shop rents high. Coupled with the weather, labor, and other reasons, a lot of washing the car and get no profit   protection. The reservoir belongs to the vehicle centralized storage point, the source is centralized, the rent is cheap. So this is a big direction to open the car wash shop.

3. car wash shop manual cleaning, self-service car wash mode double drive into. Car wash can also do it yourself, this is not a new thing, in order to adapt to the needs of some high-end car cleaning service owners. Car wash into the living community, write   word building, hotel…… This is a small car wash industry entrepreneurship another new model of change. We can create more jobs for the society.

How about the future development trend of

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