What lessons can be learned from the cigarette business

May 29, 2017 0 Comments

even operating the same cigarette products, the location of the shop is not far away, however, the operation of a lot of shops will be very different, which is a different business skills. Mr. Yang cigarette business has been five or six years, through the law-abiding business integrity, business area expanded from 25 square meters to more than and 50 square meters, the cigarette sales from low – to high-grade, significantly enhance the level of operating profits. The reason why such a big change, he summed up the following business experience:

is a good cigarette display. Shop early, Mr. Yang’s emphasis on cigarette management is not enough, do not pay too much attention to the display of cigarettes. Later, through the customer manager’s patient guidance, and gradually found a good cigarette display sales have increased, operating profit levels will also increase. In response to this, Mr. Yang also specially customized cigarette counter, and actively consult the account manager, a reasonable display of cigarettes, and the price tag one-to-one correspondence, so that consumers can buy cigarettes at a glance.

two is a good faith management. Since the cigarette, Mr. Yang has been to adhere to the bottom line of the standard of good faith, determined not to sell channels outside the cigarette, won a good reputation, training a solid consumer groups. Of course, the enthusiasm of the business process is particularly important. Regardless of the old and new customers, after the door to take the initiative to communicate, close the distance. In addition, when customers buy cigarette out of stock, pay attention to brand replacement, actively recommend other adjacent cigarette price, try not to let the customer empty handed, ensure sales success.

three is focused on new product promotion. Mr. Yang often ordered tobacco companies put new cigarettes, cigarettes will be placed in a prominent position. And a detailed understanding of the characteristics of new cigarettes and selling points. When consumers buy the same grade cigarettes, actively promote new products, to introduce the characteristics of cigarettes to consumers, so as to attract consumers to buy.

four is the initiative to find customers. Mr. Yang’s shop close to the bus station, dining and entertainment places are relatively concentrated, there are several units nearby. In order to attract consumers, he take the initiative to narrow the gap with the surrounding unit staff distance, through the issuance of name card, buy goods gifts and other methods with the accumulated number of group purchase customers for customers, broaden the scope, expand the cigarette sales profit.

is now a lot of operators are feeling bad business day, things can not buy, but do not look for ways, can not really be from the market demand for assault, so how to make business prosperous? If you are a cigarette operator, Xiaobian introduced so much experience, whether it will be helpful to your cigarette business?

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