Small studio management skills

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now there are a lot of professional photo studio, a number of small studio business seems to be affected, how to save the situation? Many businesses are eager to re energize their own shop. If you are not very proficient in the method, you can learn a lot, do a good job in investment management business.


decontamination, add words, trimming is Guo boss’s specialty. Decontamination is to take photos of people, objects for cleaning, white, no freckles, scars, wrinkles. The picture is brighter, pleasing to the eye; and word is added in the painting theme, namely family portrait photo, pictures, baby pictures of alumni age and so on, and add some greetings, photos highlight the theme, look comfortable; trimming is the picture according to the picture content to add background material, the boy is placed in air balloons. Is the girl on the air placed in love is a butterfly, beautiful red and blue on the side edge, white edge, to add color clothes. Do these three things take time, but the picture is beautiful, generous, good-looking, charges, people like to come here to take pictures. Therefore, to win a lot of repeat customers.

borrow money.

where customers to the studio, the boss will warm reception, both cigarettes and water, especially thoughtful service. The customer left, the boss say "Oh here photographic references" words. Such a family, a ten, ten hundred, more popular, business is booming. Not only the students will love, and beauty, the old couple and staff, retirees would go to wedding, photo, live photos, elderly care and child care to love shine.

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