How to avoid the risk of operating cosmetics store investment

May 29, 2017 0 Comments

there are a lot of people have seen the cosmetics industry opportunities, have chosen to join the investment, but in the whole society, now the cosmetics store in the management process, there are some risks in the business should be how to avoid?

1, with false advertising, to exaggerate their own chain size.

2, by brand eggs, using a small brand to receive the initial fee, and to provide raw materials and materials to make money. The image of its own brand completely ignored. The fight is break even the people’s mind; finally dropped mess.

3, the direct variable food chain, it is their own direct brand, but to quickly bring to join gold with income, regardless of their own strength, has established franchise center completely incapable of dealing with the franchisee business management needs and a lot of problems. The shortage of talents make the franchisee in addition to sign what did not get, but resigned.

4, leader of itself facing huge competition from the franchisee in disregard of the interests, greatly reduce the cost of joining to vicious competition, resulting in damage to the interests of franchisees. Some leader quantity or in a city, allowing the number of businesses catering membership unlimited expansion, resulting in joining soon into a loss.

5, liar joined the company more concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and other central cities, these cities cover a wide range of influence, is a liar like to choose the location.

In fact, as the operator of a


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