2 yuan store profit mainly from the following aspects

May 29, 2017 0 Comments

everyone has a small picture of the time to seize this consumer psychology, you will find that actually opened a 2 yuan store, is a good choice to get rich. I used to work in a 2 dollar store to join the headquarters in less than two years. 2 yuan shop was formerly a $1 store, began to emerge in 2002, the real fire up in 2005 -2008 this time.

was up to join when hot, my company stores across the country and on the opening 2000, domestic and foreign even blossom everywhere, Vietnam and Burma have. The boss of the company from the poor and blank, to worth millions, it is now engaged in investing. According to the actual work experience, a simple way to talk about 2 yuan store profit, in fact, mainly in the following areas.

1, priced at 2 yuan, still has a higher profit.

2, a wide variety of products, there is always a suitable for you.

3, low to improve the desire to buy, easy to go.

when our stores have a slogan called " 2 dollars are not expensive, do not go home for a meeting; 2  yuan is not much, can not go to Hongkong, go to Singapore; 2 yuan of money, you can not buy a disadvantage, can not buy fooled… "   the pricing is very easy the mention of the consumer to buy. Because the commodity price is cheap, so many times, the customer into the store basically no empty handed out. So, as long as the port election well, the flow of people is relatively large, the amount of goods to go quickly, naturally high profits.

4, product placement has stress, seize the eye is very important.

08 years, when the franchisee may be able to make a good year to earn a net 10W-20W, very lazy do not take care of the store thing put a mess of a layer of gray, a year of 2W-3W >

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