Golden fried beer wealth project director

May 29, 2017 0 Comments

golden fried beer popular delicacy project curator of this brand in the market, rich product line, profit is sufficient, so that franchisees can easily create wealth. There are more support to join the headquarters so that investors can easily start the food business, if you are interested to look at it.

delicious Korean taste full meals, meals, Trolltech: casual dining series, simple taste of eating is not simple. No matter is bitch wings or cyclone chicken, chicken rice or whether the nouveau riche as well as chop chicken, cheese baked chicken, rice and vegetables, the taste of love can only be sensed Oh! All vegetarian, Bacon, beef noodles everything, Korean miso soup, rice cake Hot pot not try also is definitely a big loss of grass, pickled cabbage! Spicy fried rice cake, aftertaste Korean snacks initial taste, Bacon, not a goddess board is a pity! All kinds of rice, pizza is a flavor and taste, can eat to eat delicious! At the same time, is also a highlight of the authentic Korean drinks, pearls, coconut, red bean milk sold, oranges, grapefruit there are fresh lemon series, Kay lion beer, authentic German black beer, CASS beer kennylion everything, iced lime, tribute tea and let you high to cool the gold curator, full of delicious! The taste of drinking, not to come?

gold curator is an international product, Korean food is not allowed to ignore the existence of. Mr Kim project was established in such a large background, the exchange type project belongs to the internationalization of the direct introduction of the Korean brand, core technology and core management, also let us more excellent Chinese can go out of the country, occupy a space for one person in the international competition. This is an opportunity to win each other, but also with a more pleasant experience. Golden curator sincerely invite all of you to participate in the promotion and operation of Korean food, to add a new inspiration and kinetic energy. Although the road is still a long way to go, but we will not be overwhelmed by the delicious, will be more people in the blessing of the new century, the spring breeze, the completion of a better taste of the cross.

gold curator fried chicken beer gourmet has so many rich cuisine who do not echocardiography? As the weather gets warmer, the store will also provide more popular types of beer and summer cool food snacks, so that consumers can enjoy the experience, if you are interested in this project can not miss.

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