Entrepreneurial gold experience does not look regret life

May 29, 2017 0 Comments

entrepreneurial gold experience does not look regret lifelong

A, three

do not look for business opportunities

1, the epidemic is not so strong as it is less sensitive than the middle-aged young people, at the same time the growth of short life, may face another again, to choose a large market space and stable development of the industry.

2, the human body can not overweight middle-aged physical burden has started to decline, can not choose high strength manual operation project.

3, middle-aged economic pressure and mental burden the most important period in his life, physical strength began to decline, not life change radically. Therefore, do not choose a large capital, high technical threshold of the industry, such as fitness center, large and medium-sized restaurants, fashion brand agents; and some professional too strong industries such as professional beauty, appliance repair, car repair is not suitable.

two, the service industry as the main direction of

three, the choice of investment to seize the four basic points of

2, in line with their own preferences

forty years old middle-aged person personality and life habit of the basic shape, like business as far as possible in the field.