Cigarette retail customers hold the price

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has been regarded as a big tobacco market, and now with the continuous changes in policy, business began to be more and more affected, the profit naturally affected. By May 2015, the regional macro tax superposition valence economic and market factors, the cigarette retail price decline, directly affect the profitability of customers, lower than retail sales price still exists, premium sales brands, leading to customer business confidence. Why is there such a situation? I visited several different types of cigarette retail customers, listen to their voices, record their confusion.

price change

I am the owner of the main selling high-grade cigarettes, in 2015 before the price increases, the retail price of 1000 yuan / cigarette, the profit is very rich. Tax valence, wholesale prices, but retail prices did not rise, we directly bear the pressure on prices is equal to." Huoqiu Anhui wine city, the owner of the wine shop Zhou Tao quite helpless told the author. For example, hard box ‘Mount Huangshan days’, no price increases, the wholesale price is 640 yuan / bar, the retail price is $900 / bar, and now the wholesale price is 678.4 yuan / bar, but the retail price is still not changed, profit margins narrowed." Zhou Tao simple account. "As a retailer, we certainly want to rise, but the market in this place, if the sales price, and the price is certainly No one shows any interest in, the retail price, the price has come to the ceiling." Zhou Tao said.

Zhou Tao to the author of the high-end cigarette retail price

high-grade cigarettes because of the price ceiling, no price may be, then, for other grades of cigarettes and how? "Before the hard purchase price of 360 yuan /, retail 450 yuan /, 25% profit, price increases, due to various reasons, retail prices remain unchanged, 18% profit, capital investment, but less money earned, supermarkets can also hold on this price, other small and medium-sized apartment layout price will be lower." Huoqiu, the home of the supermarket to the person in charge of the straight pour grievances.

wholesale price of cigarette prices, part of the brand in the wholesale price and retail price spreads decrease, profit margins narrowed, to rely on the individual brand of high-grade cigarette sales customers, the profit level is indeed declined, this is due to the policy and market factors, the possibility of low price sales.

price drop

stable cigarette retail price is an important guarantee for customer profitability, price instability will lead to market order confusion, lack of customer confidence and other negative effects. "Now, before selling cigarettes do not make money, and the best selling" new Anhui Tobacco "13 yuan / bag, can earn 1.5 yuan, tax market price, although the retail price of 14 yuan / bag, theoretically can earn 1.8 yuan, but the actual.

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