Acer champion porridge shop to join details

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porridge shop, in the ancient times some rich people to do good will regularly take porridge relief tents, people who have no food to eat porridge as poor, Chinese people hard times only preserved food, to witness porridge in the history of Chinese civilization of the noble status, so the heritage of the Chinese classic, is our mission. Hongzhuangyuan porridge porridge shop, unique culture, nutrition porridge delicacy, let love the diners! Hongzhuangyuan belonging to the Philippines Jollibee restaurant group (Jollibee), is a chain of institutions with a focus on Chinese food. 2008 was wholly acquired by the happy bee group, the company in order to inherit and carry forward the national traditional diet culture, especially the culture of porridge as their duty. Committed to the development of new products with Chinese characteristics, scientific improvement and the spread of Chinese culture. The company was founded in December 12, 1992, focused on Chinese food chain operators, 20 years, enterprises from scratch, from small to large, has now become the 47 restaurants, more than 2000 employees of the enterprise group. So how to join this brand?

Acer champion porridge shop how to join

Acer champion porridge shop join conditions:

1. Chinese nationality, aged between 30 and 50 years old, in good health.

2. keen catering industry, the brand has a sense of identity for the macro champion.

3. has a long-term development potential, long-term investment, personal management or hiring professional managers.

4. with successful business experience, rich experience in personnel management, good education background, good business management experience.

5 is willing to grow together with the Acer brand, as a long-term career. 6 be willing to take 3-6 months to complete the system training and evaluation.

7. accept the management of headquarters, have the right attitude towards risk and have a reasonable expectation of return on investment.

Acer champion porridge shop join process:

1. login official website

2. online complete data sheet

3. selection of applicant information

4. participate in franchising project briefing

5. completed 2 days post internship evaluation

6. join the Committee interview


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