Chengdu high tech Zone the capital of the city’s high tech model

May 11, 2017 0 Comments

Business incubator

across the country have been established, "China Silicon Valley" in Zhongguancun, Chengdu has a business, the development of Chengdu high tech Zone is very fast, is a new model of entrepreneurship "".

A new force suddenly rises. If you use a word to describe the 2015 Chengdu hi tech Zone, the word is the most appropriate.

2015, Chengdu high tech Zone industrial output value exceeded 300 billion yuan, not only to become the first to achieve this achievement in Sichuan Industrial Park, and its size is also ranked the forefront of the national high-tech zones. Under the pressure of the domestic economic downturn, Chengdu to develop new ideas, to take new initiatives, the initiative to adapt to the new normal economic development, to achieve a contrarian growth of the economy.

2015 this area accounts for only 2.7 of the region of Sichuan Province, contributed to the province’s industrial added value of four point two percent, creating an amazing miracle of Chengdu".

throughout the development, full of pride; looking to the future, full of confidence. When it comes to the grand blueprint plan, Chengdu high tech Zone Party committee secretary Fan Yi through the analysis of the situation, from five progressive levels were summarized.

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