Do electricity supplier to Chengdu logistics cost is low

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Internet plus era, the electricity supplier has been in continuous hot development. But in the development process, the electricity supplier will face a series of problems, such as cost control, involving logistics. Mr. Zhang, who runs an outdoor products company in Guangzhou, mainly sells goods online. Although the company in Guangzhou, but Mr. Zhang built the warehouse in Chengdu. Do electricity supplier to Chengdu, low logistics costs, Zhang is the biggest reason for the choice of Chengdu, we have a detailed understanding of the following.

Zhang given the reason is shipped out from Chengdu, logistics costs much lower than in Guangzhou, he said, the monthly light logistics to save a few million". Chengdu logistics costs are relatively low, to what extent? Recently, the reporter visited.

low logistics cost

attract returnees back to Chengdu venture

reporter visited found that the low cost of logistics in Chengdu has attracted the attention of many entrepreneurs. Chengdu Zhong Zhong is currently operating in Shenzhen, a cross-border electricity supplier companies, mainly engaged in 3C digital, auto parts and household items, etc.. I graduated from the Department of electronics, read a graduate student in Australia, in Australia in 2009 and two friends together to start a cross-border electricity supplier." Mr. Zhong said.

2010 years ago, Mr. Chung opened a branch in Shenzhen, founding of the domestic market. And now, he is considering the company’s business moved to Chengdu home.

because there are many preferential policies in Chengdu, logistics costs lower than in Shenzhen." Zhong said that the company’s operating team has been transferred to Chengdu, the next will continue to turn to other businesses to Chengdu.

cross-border electricity supplier, the proportion of the total cost of logistics costs is quite large, can account for 20% to 30% of operating costs." Mr. Zhong said, compared with Shenzhen, Chengdu logistics costs of about 10%. When a reporter expressed curiosity, Mr. bell explained that he was working with an industrial park, in addition to the other side to provide him with warehousing and logistics venues, but also to help him fight for government subsidies. For Mr. bell daily shipments in 3000 single or more companies, the logistics cost savings is not a small number.

, according to Mr. Zhong introduced, he contacted a lot of foreign counterparts, have chosen to build warehouses in Chengdu, or the establishment of branch offices. And one of the important reasons to attract them, is the lower cost of logistics in Chengdu.

preparatory Industrial Park

dozens of companies plan to settle in

in order to attract more business owners like Mr.

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