ncrease the import of fresh fruits of imported fruits can reach Ningbo Airport

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consumers are now eating, the hands of more money later, not only want to eat what they see, but also very interested in foreign things! Ningbo inspection and Quarantine Bureau announced that, in January 18th, a plane carrying the Australian "cherries" flight landed at Ningbo Lishe International Airport, this is the first batch of imported fruits in Ningbo airport fruits designated ports of entry at the end of last year approved in, marking the Ningbo airport fruits designated ports of entry run successy.

fruit transportation requirements more demanding, at present, most of the imported fruit from Shanghai, Guangzhou or Ningbo port port, all the way to the market, the volatility has been greatly reduced freshness. Ningbo airport directly imported fruits, fruit and some Ningbo country of origin from "closer", which can not only improve the freshness of imported fruits, can also import more varieties of fruit in the future, with rich fruit market. Some varieties of imported fruit will be more fresh, such as Chile, mango, mango and so on Thailand.

Ningbo is located in the Yangtze River Delta region is one of the most economically developed, the most perfect logistics, people’s living standards of the region, the import of high-end fruit consumption strength and potential is very strong. Statistics show that the local market in Ningbo every year, high-end fruit consumption reached 50 thousand tons, of which only one of the high-end imports of fruits and vegetables Ningbo commerce group reached a total of about 2500 tons, turnover of nearly $200 million. With the increasing consumption of imported fruits in Ningbo area, more and more local wholesalers in Ningbo and surrounding areas choose to import directly from Ningbo port.

it is understood that the import of fruit in Ningbo airport directly after landing, the cost of the relevant dealers Club reduced, some imported fruit prices are expected to decline. However, because there is no significant increase in supply in the short term, the price changes will not be too significant.


Ningbo airport fruits designated ports of entry, will be directly imported fruit to build Easy Access, local residents can enjoy more fresh and safer imported high-quality fruit to more preferential prices, not only conducive to the import and export trade, consumption and the development of the logistics industry, will effectively enhance the Ningbo area in the opening pattern of the influence of.

improve the freshness of imported fruit, Ningbo airport fruit can be imported directly, so that the majority of the people to eat more healthy fruit. At the same time in the designated ports of entry in the process of planning and construction, Ningbo inspection and Quarantine Bureau to give technical guidance in the port hardware facilities, professional personnel, scientific management and so on, put forward the comprehensive coverage of epidemic prevention and control ability, simultaneous construction of emergency prevention and control system with clear requirements, and to promote the implementation, based on the biological safety of the country to ensure that through the designated port construction, promote the import and export trade, stimulating the development of related industries.

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