Dongguan entrepreneurial innovation outstanding women now accept registration

May 6, 2017 0 Comments

as the "half the sky" of the socialist construction, the female entrepreneurs occupy an important position in the entrepreneur. Dongguan will be organized to carry out innovative business elite women’s style show, welcome outstanding women create a positive customer registration, sharing entrepreneurial stories.

to show Dongguan female entrepreneurial style, share of Dongguan City Women’s entrepreneurial dream, the Dongguan Municipal Women’s Federation, the Dongguan Municipal Bureau of human resources will be on 2016 during the 38 International Women’s Day "jointly organized by the Dongguan city women’s entrepreneurship and innovation will share". By then, 10 from the five different categories of outstanding entrepreneurs will come together on stage to tell their story of entrepreneurial innovation, with immediate effect from the public for registration.

it is reported that have made outstanding achievements in science and technology innovation, management innovation, product innovation and brand innovation in female leader and innovation team leader; women’s small business loans through the bidding to achieve entrepreneurial dream female entrepreneurial projects have certain innovation, to attract more women in employment, management ability and good prospects for development; actively participate Internet plus female entrepreneurs "practice, the use of electricity providers, micro business platform sales promotion of outstanding women of Dongguan characteristic products, good operating efficiency, outstanding women have strong demonstration effect; in the design competition of female entrepreneurial talent shows itself. In the city of Dongguan’s women’s business; demonstration base and female social organization leader and other five kinds of people can participate in activities.


the event organizers, mainly through the Dongguan women’s "double" tells a good story, share their entrepreneurial dreams and passion, show the Dongguan City Women’s business style, encourage the majority of women entrepreneurs to join the tide of innovation, for the city of Dongguan to accelerate the implementation of innovation driven development strategy with recommended

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