College students operating second hand bike easily become rich

May 6, 2017 0 Comments

every year there are a large number of college graduates from the campus, the major universities at this time, there will always be a lot of abandoned bicycles, scattered in every corner of the campus. Henan University of Technology student Liang Peng 90 aimed at the business, the decisive shot, the creation of "free" second-hand bicycle, 3 profit of nearly 150 thousand years, the school became hundred-percent environmental entrepreneurship Master.

2011, Liang Peng was admitted to the Henan University of Technology of art and design professional, walking in the campus, when he saw a car abandoned bicycles, some schools have been sold as scrap metal, concentrate on cleaning, he thinks this is a great waste of manpower and material resources. After a field investigation on campus zihangchepeng and the surrounding second-hand car market, Liang Peng developed a set of "recycling, renovation, leasing, sale and crafts" as one of the abandoned second-hand bicycle recycling mode.

Liang Peng will own the environmental protection undertaking idea told Jiao Aifen from school, a little, the three hit it off. "We are trying to get in touch with the abandoned bike owners at school, recycle the used bicycles, classify them, repair and renovate them, and reuse them through leasing and selling. Second-hand bicycle rental, according to the day billing, according to the grade of the old and new, 5 yuan per day, $8, $10. The sale price of 80 yuan per vehicle and $two price of 180." Zhang Shao introduction.

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