Entrepreneurial opportunities Pu soft venture cAMP second open national recruitment

May 1, 2017 0 Comments

is looking for a good platform for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship has the absolute advantage, "Pu soft entrepreneurship cAMP second nationwide open recruitment, this is an opportunity for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial needs attention quickly!

  the day before, "Pu soft entrepreneurship cAMP second nationwide open recruitment, for the TMT industry entrepreneurs open application.

"Pu soft entrepreneurship camp is jointly sponsored by Pu soft incubator and venture capital fund management soft PU Fang Chenhui, for a period of three months of intensive training program. By focusing on training, case analysis, experience sharing, the name of the enterprise visits, etc., to help students achieve the transition from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs.

It is reported that the

, "Pu soft entrepreneurship camp recruitment deadline for April 10th, have been carefully set up and arrange the curriculum and teacher evaluation, and other aspects of the interview arrangement, in the selection of students after the final admission list.



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