Shop four fatal mistakes remember the whole

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shop entrepreneurship, if accidentally enter the misunderstanding, it is likely that the business will only be in the form of failure in the end, so if we venture capital, nature also need to keep in mind that the shop’s fatal error. Shop friends, often do not pay attention to their potential risks. I shop for many years, so many years, I have accumulated a lot of experience in the shop. I hope to write down and give a new and old friends to share, so that we have a good grasp.

error 1: do business that you’re not familiar with

any small business, there is a basic principle, is not do not know". Any one industry, it is the layman earn money. Therefore, in order to make money in this industry, you must first become an expert. Taobao shop, you can not choose their own is not familiar with the industry do not understand. For example, girls might naturally think he has the absolute strength to do business, but really opened a women’s clothing store but found nothing of the sort: what size division, which is a popular contemporary popular color…… That is the phrase: business is not good and bad, only suitable and not suitable for.

error two: Tandaqiuquan

believes that many of the new sellers have lofty aspirations, the dream of starting with Taobao, to create their own e-commerce kingdom. So after the shop opened up, this also, that also do.

but in fact, Taobao is really doing a good job of big shops, department stores rarely, most are designed to do a class, up to two or three kinds of goods. Large stores like this, for Taobao accounted for the vast majority of small businesses, operating varieties too much more will only be distracted, and Tandaqiuquan may cause the shortage of funds. Therefore, the operation of varieties to be designed and refined, the purchase is less and fine.

error three: premature resignation

a lot of Taobao owner in the shop opened, so it grows or slightly small pick up, you can scarcely wait for rapid resignation, aspiring -time Taobao. But in fact, the early resignation for the owner or Taobao may not be too wise choice. Before you decide to quit your job, you need to try to answer the following questions: Taobao.

1. business direction is clear; 2 supply is stable, have the advantage; most of the functions of the Taobao is clear; 4 store promotion skills are well aware. If you have more than half of these questions can not give a good answer, then you’d better not resign immediately go home shop. There is a saying: the shop is a young girl want to stay away from the fuel first awakening interest in the opposite sex, with her first part-time debauch,!

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