Bathroom hardware ten brands list

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a suitable bathroom products also need small details of the hardware products to match, therefore, want a good bathroom products, high-quality hardware can not be less. In short, the purchase of bathroom furniture, how can the lack of understanding of bathroom hardware brands. What are the top ten brands of bathroom hardware? These are the focus of attention of consumers furniture news.

the following China bathroom hardware ten brands, in order to promote the healthy development of the industry, sponsored by the China ceramic ceramic industry association, "information" contractors, according to China sanitary industry brand award. The selection mechanism is composed of government departments, industry associations, academia, business circles and other professional institutions of experts and scholars, and formulate the strict selection procedures and extensive investigation, the following ten major brands of bathroom hardware list, hope that it can provide a good reference for the owners.

bathroom hardware ten brands list first, Wrigley bathroom

is headquartered in Wrigley bathroom, the world famous ceramic producing areas in Guangdong Foshan. Arrow products include ceramic sanitary wares, high-grade bathroom cabinet, bathroom cabinet, PVC acrylic bathtub, shower room, surf bathtub, steam room, full chrome copper faucet, bathtub and hardware accessories. Ranked first in China bathroom hardware brand ten.

bathroom hardware ten brand list of the top second, Huida bathroom

Huida bathroom in Chinese bathroom hardware ten brands ranked Wrigley bathroom. Huida group has total assets of 1 billion 300 million yuan, with an annual output of "Huida" brand sanitary ceramics about 9000000, has formed a series of high-end products in more than and 200 varieties, and gradually formed a national large-scale enterprise group of ceramic sanitary ceramics, tiles, plastic fittings, acrylic bathtub, hardware accessories and other diversified series, many varieties, complete production management.

bathroom hardware ten brand list of the top third, HeGII bathroom

Guangdong HeGII Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, is a professional engaged in ceramic sanitary ware and related products R & D, production, sales, service and other comprehensive large-scale enterprises. In Foshan and Chaozhou, the two major ceramic producing areas have large production bases. HeGII bathroom bathroom hardware is the ten largest brand of the three, well deserved.

bathroom hardware ten brands list of the top fourth, color Connaught bathroom

is Chinese Nobel color bathroom bathroom hardware ten brands fourth, as new strength and brand building sanitary ceramics industry, ceramic color, since the date of birth, the company in order to establish the purpose of business development look far ahead from a high plane vision: focus on painting the bathroom market, adhere to the road of the brand, leading the fashion trend to create a national personal bathroom, hand-painted the art of goods > 100 years

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