Chongqing venture Cafe brings cold thinking

April 28, 2017 0 Comments

entrepreneurial coffee was once very prosperous in China, which started from abroad entrepreneurial start-up mode is welcomed by the younger generation of entrepreneurs. However, compared to the northern region of the strong entrepreneurial boom, Chongqing entrepreneurial Cafe does not seem so satisfactory.

Health lecture

selected to be used to describe Yuanyang pot Chongqing entrepreneurial atmosphere, is the most common local pot pot set mode. Among them, the middle of the pot to hold soup pot, there is several sporadic distribution in Chongqing venture cafe.

with heating

"the store just to do some activities, to really have the office needs of entrepreneurs, with a lot of our public record space cooperation, can be over there." Founder Huang Xiaoying cool salon that, compared to the north of Guangzhou first-tier cities and not far from the Chengdu, Chongqing’s Internet business is relatively much weaker soil, so it is difficult to form the same imaging Beijing Zhongguancun entrepreneurs every day to go to the cafe "imprisoned" scene.

at the same time, the thermal lack of popularity, let a few venture Cafe Chongqing not many early learned heating. Huang Xiaoying introduction, due to the fact that several cafes are far away from each other, and do a separate activity to recruit more difficult, often organized by the coffee cooperative activities, were recruited and selected in a. In the afternoon, we will have an event to visit the pig eight quit, there is time to look at the past together."

and cool about the salon, belong to a park public record of coffee the same day in the Chongqing winter rain "enjoy" almost the entire uninterrupted recommendation

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