Fast food store location Raiders and the necessary skills

April 21, 2017 0 Comments

is in the early stages of the business, a small investment in fast food restaurants to become a good choice. How to choose a fast food store as the first key step in venture capital. Store location is directly related to the business is good or bad. Would you like a cloud? Then take a look at the following introduction.

1, densely populated areas. Cinemas, playgrounds, supermarkets is undoubtedly the most crowded places, every day a large number of mobile customers through.

2, a region with high population density. Such as large communities, large campuses. It is a place where the population is very concentrated. Demand, natural business is good.

3, large shopping district. A business circle is undoubtedly the best choice, but often around the level of business costs are high, so if it is less investment clients, Domino Tofu pudding dessert station of this store, according to local consumption status and analysis customer groups choose two or three values, saving the cost of store. If the amount of investment, it can choose a large shopping mall.

4, convenient place. Station, roadside is a good choice. We should pay attention to

1 store location problem, avoid in the fast lane side. Such a highway often has a large isolation belt, difficult to cross, so it will lose a large number of customers.

2, commercial outlets completely complete and very mature region of

3, the street facade. For example, two above. Scientific investigation, customers on the floor above the shop, often at a distance.

4, is about to take place. Be sure to consult the local urban construction department or the relevant departments, if there is demolition intent, it must not be selected.

5, stepped in front of the store shop. Uneven will cause customers to enter.

6, head of the narrow shop shop. The door is narrow to the customers with the feeling of depression, not easy to be aware of the customer. After the

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