Chongqing hi tech Zone held the second batch of entrepreneurial mentor appointment ceremony

April 20, 2017 0 Comments

although the wind is very popular in China, but most entrepreneurs are groping forward in their own way, a lot of detours. In this case, the guidance of a good mentor to entrepreneurs is very important, under the guidance of the teacher, will greatly improve the success rate of investment.

12 4, held in Chongqing hi tech Zone, the second batch of entrepreneurial mentor appointment ceremony, the ten investors, financial experts hired to become a mentor, and entrepreneurs to share experience.

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had entrepreneurs to find Dai Weiguo, hoping for a chip investment. "I asked him, do you have any products? He said no, but also two years to develop, so I went on to ask, what do you do in the past two years? Entrepreneurs have R & D answer me, ah, "Dai Weiguo said here, the scene a burst of laughter," one of only two years, do not earn a penny, is not easy to find investment, then I gave him advice, why not now go to acting similar products for sale? The potential users of the sales side down, while earning R & D expenses, etc. after two years of product development, both have ready-made customers, and the money to do the promotion, the development of good investment projects, will be running."

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