February 8 2017 Yunnan Zhaotong 4 9 earthquake occurred in the whole

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you know, due to the special geographical location of Yunnan, Yunnan led to frequent earthquake in February 8, 2017, Yunnan Province Shao took place in a 4.9 earthquake, the injured to the nearest hospital for comprehensive treatment, brings considerable damage to people and property safety, which arouses people’s attention.

2 at 7:11 on the evening of 8, Yunnan City, Ludian earthquake occurred in the magnitude of the earthquake, focal depth of 10 km (). The earthquake caused the leading town duanjiapo, Yang Jinbo Li Shizhi, Lv Wenyun wenpingzhen, Xu gawoo Zhaizhen town of Liao Shiquan River, a total of 5 people were injured, have been sent to hospital for treatment.

Yunnan earthquake prediction research center researcher Su Youjin, the Ludian 4.9 earthquake belongs to the August 3, 2014 Ludian earthquake aftershocks of magnitude 6.5. After a strong earthquake will generally be accompanied by a series of aftershocks, the aftershocks of the Ludian earthquake in recent years has continued, but the magnitude is not high. The topography of Ludian earthquake area is more complex, the slope is high and the rock mass is broken. As a result of the aftershock activity intensity is not high, but the special geological conditions led to the rolling stones, landslides prone, the personnel injury is mainly caused by rolling stones.

in the earthquake, the Yunnan government to actively deal with the hazards caused by the earthquake, the rapid transfer of the people’s property, to the people’s property safety with great assurance. Because Yunnan is the circum Pacific seismic belt, the Eurasian seismic belt part in India ocean and Eurasian plate collision zone in the East, is China’s devastating earthquake, one of the more affected particularly serious and frequent provinces.

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