A good shop also need to use their brains

April 18, 2017 0 Comments

what do you need to do to open a good shop? This can be said to be a big business in the current market any investor wants to know. Someone said, in order to open a good shop, shop is the key. Good location with, bring wealth is what makes sense, but we found that in some bustling business district, shops are still a deserted house. It is said that a good store to have economic strength, no strength, which have the right to speak.


, a lot of money to the last hand sadly had to "quit" There are plenty of people who are. I think a good location and a strong pillar of the economy is important as a backup, but the shop operating point. The key is to use their brains, only diligent in thinking, good brains, in order to win the Unlimited Business Opportunities in an invincible position.

tofu is a traditional Chinese food. Throughout the ages, brought to do tofu, people will always think it is a small food can not be a big climate, the ordinary people on the table home cooked dishes. As the saying goes: sailing iron grinding tofu. Hardship, make less work, only small business hawkers, the general business of it is not someone a contemptuous disregard, spend their brains on this, think of ideas. But one does not recognize the truth ", but the traditional food out of the country.

1999, around the wall, Peng Hong root venture helpless following his father’s footsteps, by selling tofu. Unwilling to fail with his hands and a flexible mind, "pass" to his father on the small stone, grinding out of the muddy Tofu pudding rice, tofu soup, steamed tofu curd tofu salad, a series of bean products. If in this case, Hong Peng root if the attitude, do not want to spend their brains to find a breakthrough, there will be no later known as "Peng tofu".

Peng Honggen is not complacent, bold innovation, creating a precedent for Chinese colorful bean curd, white bean curd by his monotonous "wearing" the innocent after a riot of colours not only people, unable to hide greeds, appetite, and like the face of a statue of the art, in advocating beautiful nutrition, green environmental protection today, Peng Honggen’s colorful bean curd as a whirlwind swept rapidly on both sides of the Changjiang River, set off a "Peng tofu" craze.

Peng Honggen was not so bad, but one step at a time, with their own characteristics of small tofu, knocking on the door to the international market, making the "Peng tofu" out of the country, made the small tofu. Bean curd, this has spread for thousands of years of ordinary things, a kind of humble food, and no one in the body of his brain, do article, Peng Honggen did it, but also successy.

shop to engage in business is also true, some seemingly insignificant little thing, as long as the operator can use their brains, you can achieve great results. Business opportunities everywhere, in the daily operation, that is, some of the operators around us do not have a pair of good at discovering the eye, good at digging >

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