Hefei city new type construction to become the pilot

April 16, 2017 0 Comments

adapt to the construction of the city, a lot of times, people will have an aversion to extreme weather, but also to make people’s physical health damage. Hefei approved the construction of adaptive City, will become a pilot. Let people enjoy the appropriate micro climate, the clouds in the sky can be used to cool in addition to haze, sudden meteorological disasters 15~20 minutes ahead of time you will be able to receive early warning information and other convenience.

when the weather changes suddenly, people who don’t fit in may get cold and sick. Hefei has entered a new stage of industrialization and urban development, and urban development needs to adapt to climate change.

consider the impact of extreme climate events in the sustainability of the city, the future Hefei will adapt to climate concept to city planning, construction and management in all aspects, and focus on vulnerable areas, fragile and vulnerable groups to carry out adaptation actions, explore the new period in Hefei to adapt to climate change mode and effective way.

– to 2020 according to the pilot program, and relevant indicators to adapt to climate change will be incorporated into the system of city planning, construction standards and industry development planning, implementation of safe operation and sustainable development of the city; by 2030, the city to deal with waterlogging, drought, high temperature, strong wind, ice storms and other issues significantly enhanced ability to adapt to city to enhance the ability of climate change.

to create a comfortable and healthy environment, Hefei has been doing things, in order to allow people to enjoy the quality of life, we will increase the urban vegetation coverage. By 2020, the construction of the country green road 1000km, urban greenway 800km, community greenway 500km, the new park area of 156 hectares.

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