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April 15, 2017 0 Comments

today, many people will choose to travel, most people have accommodation needs, as people believe the Home Inn Hotel, recently launched a home town, attracted the attention of many people, entrepreneurs choose to invest in home town, to the development of the hotel and resort market, now the home town has come into people’s view.

so, how about a small town? As the box innovation and breakthrough design concept coincided with the city high-end lifestyle platform "consistent guest in" advocated the idea of refusing mediocrity agree without prior without previous consultation. The conference, consistent guest in the spirit behind the leader with its consistent total bestie "consistent good honey" as the inspiration for Mousika, a special crossover design between the one and only female theme concept of real, the advocate of high-end life philosophy concentrated on a 12 meter long fashion cool container. The total consistent said "at the beginning of the design concept is targeted to specific groups, strengthen the identity, so the" consistent theme of real honey "from a female perspective, the most popular color this year’s PANTONE —pink and tiffanyblue combination of powder color, on the vision to create a fresh and comfortable sensory impression."

with the development of society, more and more women began to walk out of the office, the identity of the female business people around the world, becoming the fastest growing part of tourism. According to Amadeus global travel distribution system research report shows that by 2030, the number of women’s international business travel is expected to grow by 250%, of which the Asia Pacific region is the main growth area. The hotel is also taking advantage of the launch of female theme room, some countries take Japan as an example of the hotel industry launched a timely follow-up, Ms. exclusive rooms, guests enjoy a comfortable and cozy accommodation experience. Is committed to high-end tailored community platform "consistent guest in" is also aware of the needs of a group on the quality of life is increasing, different from the male businessmen accommodation needs of business travelers, women pay more attention to the accommodation environment comfort and details of the experience, high-end women who always knows consistent business the demand, the delicate, high force lifestyle into "consistent honey" theme room, the quality and style of both the concept of real container will become the highlight of the most absorbing eye home box series.

compared with the ordinary business hotel a single style of decoration, the theme of the theme of honey room philosophy of life to pay attention." Miss W, 28 years old, white-collar workers in the workplace, because of the needs of work, travel became a required course, sometimes, a week at home to stay, not as much time in the hotel. Therefore, the Miss W Hotel Travel comfort is a high demand. If you can live in such a design for women, "honey" theme room, will be a pleasant experience. After a tiring day at work, in the room with the most favorite fragrance, wearing a coral velvet bathrobe, listening to the sound of Marshall flowing blue tunes, a cup of

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