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April 14, 2017 0 Comments

in Hefei, Ontario is well-known universities, with it, conveying a lot of talent to the country. Recently in the large area of the campus, people are attracted to the new restaurant. To catch the hearts of students, they must first grasp their stomach. Recently, the Anhui University in Anhui, Hefei restaurant, due to the style of fresh, elegant environment popular , the popularity of the students.


] the same period (Anhui University student Shuai Junya) I think that with the change in the past is quite large, the first environment becomes very (good), because we all call him Liu Yuan Hotel, now the environment becomes very large, then the food what is also very good to eat, we here in the meal is a good dining environment, and when people are not particularly can come to study, it is not enough, I see in the space here to provide free WiFi, and is also a good study environment, because when the library is . So here is also good for students.

[comment] according to reports, Liu Yuan restaurant dining environment in the transformation of the former general, the 3 floor of the restaurant is of debris, no open. In order to break the stereotype of the dining hall, dining room decoration companies to come to the dining room design transformation, after the transformation of the restaurant a new look, the dishes have become rich.


] the same period (Anhui University Liu Yuan Restaurant official Zhou Benguo) in September last year we entered Ontario, in which a 3 floor was a mess, there has been no open, we create a China style school restaurant decoration. Then let the students feel that there is a dining environment.

imagine that people eat in a comfortable environment, will be in a good mood. In the future the chef to the needs of students, and the student nutrition in pursuit of the above, we will make some good adjustment and improvement, slowly there will be some new dishes, including we will invite a number of good nutrition to our food, including raw materials and material will make a match a big adjustment.

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