Teach you how to choose the right tea brand investment

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food and beverage industry investment brand has been a very critical issue, such as tea, cakes and so on these small brands is even more so. Choose the brand skills. A cup of tea 70% profit to stimulate a lot of venture capitalists, but also a small investment, the risk is relatively low, the market is quite impressive, all of which makes the tea industry thriving. The tea chain is also a catalyst in the market continue to mature, the headquarter using its own industry experience and logistics services to help the franchisee shop, collect fees, and the franchisee have its own brand into the market constantly. To a great extent, the headquarter and franchisee cooperation is both resource sharing, complementary advantages, the market for the limited resources of the franchisee, choice of tea can greatly reduce the operation difficulty and the time to explore the industry rules. However, at the end of a lot of franchise fee, you can sleep without any anxiety of the tea shop? Choose tea really as franchisee said with profit? You know there’s no 100% profitable industries, there is no successful tea brand to join 100%.

teach you how to choose the right tea investment brand

first, even the choice of the tea can not despise the idea, don’t always think the headquarter will provide all the services that will solve all the problems, there are always "shop is the idea of my own", put yourself in the position of hard work. Many people choose to join after the psychological changes, the hopes in the headquarter, that the headquarter will always be the strong backing of his tea shop, finally ignored their own efforts, to know the headquarters can give you a lot of things, but you are the direct responsibility of the store management. So, milk tea to join in the first to do a good job of psychological preparation, don’t put the hope and responsibility is completely on the headquarters, the shop is your own, you want the most, the most hard to manage it. Milk tea to join the headquarters is the key to choose, choose how to join the headquarters and milk tea brand will determine the future development prospects of your tea shop. In the advertising page while joining information of various tea brand "as if it were raining flowers, leading the market, all kinds of" headquarters "output of the entire shop, but the low quality of the franchise brand has flooded the market, they use exaggerated advertising language and picture to join, to earn the franchise fee, and the franchisee’s operations and logistics simply can not provide security service, so the tea must be carey chosen. Huge amount of information on the Internet resources, but also the most easily accessible, many franchisees are starting from the online resources to learn about joining the brand, through the online information to join the headquarters of the. Through the online resources to understand the industry information, product features is very necessary, but only online and telephone communication is far from being able to determine the quality of a brand. Field visits are necessary links to join headquarters to understand the brand information, to look at the operation of the physical store.

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