You need to know how much to invest money to open shop a of maternal and child

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two-child policy has been launched, many families have second children, also let the baby industry ushered in the peak period of development of higher, more and more people choose to do mother industry business, facing such a broad consumer market, people are tempted. In fact, the mother and child industry business, the market outlook is also relatively good, choose a good brand, is also very good. Here we take a look at it, how much money to open the mother and child shops need to invest?


generally, open such a store may wish to choose in some of the two or three types of cities, as long as 50 – 70 Ping will be able to operate well, such an area of at least 5-6 million annual rent required

decoration and equipment

open a maternity stores, without too luxurious decoration, as long as the attention of the store clean and bright almost, the needs of the hardware devices are not many, and some air conditioning hardware is sufficient, probably in the investment of twenty thousand or thirty thousand.

first purchase funds

opened the store all the people know that the main cost also includes the first purchase funds, usually need 50 thousand yuan, at the time of purchase, should pay attention to the choice of varieties, such as more, can be filled counter, enrich the store, but the amount is not too much.

in fact, no matter what the industry, shop business is very troublesome, want a better business in the business, you need to pay more attention, to open a baby shop should pay attention to the problem still pretty much, if you want to succeed in shop management, also want to consider a lot of problems. Open a maternal and child supplies store, the cost of investment is not high, is a good small business. We hope that we can help you.

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