Lock the results into the system safe

April 12, 2017 0 Comments

Since educational practice since the implementation of the rectification, establish a new system of Huangzhong County, ideology is not loose, strength reduction, based on long-term, focusing on long-term, actively planning and promoting an institutional mechanism for curing the results of educational practice, fully grasp the jianzhanglizhi work. Hold on the jianzhanglizhi overall grasp the key point of total and breakthrough, adjust the quasi heart, aimed at the target, to grasp the jianzhanglizhi work to lay a solid foundation, combined with the "looking back", according to solicit opinions, revealing the problems, take a top-down and bottom-up two the way of combing the existing rules and regulations, through the joint meeting of grassroots research seminars, etc., will be the central and provincial, municipal Party committee proposed the "waste, change," the principle of further specific localization of each need to waste, change, legislation regulations are put forward "what" the overall goal; always adhere to the two standards to ensure that the rules and regulations of the pertinence and practicability, connected to gas, strengthen confidence, to avoid the jianzhanglizhi formality to strengthen support, to build county planning For work, the system around the "why", "what" and "how", "how to use" to fully grasp the truth, to judge the compression problem, discretion of punishment execution, ensure the minefield at a glance, red line is clearly visible, and enhance the system itself and the system of executive power; focus on the main responsibility and the responsibility to ensure that the rules and the results of its effectiveness, the system obtains a long-term, grasp of the "hand", raised the "bull whip", providing weapons for the establishment of long-term effective working methods continue to adhere to the "a" catch and "leaders", strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the system. To find the problem in the implementation of rules and regulations, supervise the timely implementation of the rectification, to find the violation of rules and regulations of the people and things, to discover severely dealt with . Up to now, Huangzhong county level abolished the system 4, revised and improved the plan, the establishment of the system of the 12 items of the plan.  

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